Downsizing Your Purse And What You Need To Know

As women, we rely on our purses to carry everything and anything we need on a daily basis. Women's pants pockets just won't do and rarely do we want to carry around a backpack. I have always owned a decent size purse and always thought that bigger is better, after all I do carry my whole life in there!

Well this all seemingly changed when K gave me one of my Christmas gifts early. He had panicked about the size of the purse he had just received in the mail, he decided to give it to me early so that I would still have enough time to exchange it before Christmas. That poor man, I don't think he understands that I am happy with whatever he would get me and could never imagine exchanging something that didn't "work for me".

He hesitantly gave me my gift after I tried my hardest to convince him that the size of whatever he got me would matter none. I saw the purse and immediately fell in love. Sure it was probably the smallest purse I had ever received and only half the size of my old one,
but it was classy and beautiful, he knew my taste so well.

Of course K had also bought a wallet to go along with it, that now, after seeing the actual size of the purse, he realized it would not fit. K told me we can either exchange the purse or the wallet. I was hesitant about the size of the purse, would I really be able to downsize and fit all the things I needed into the bag?

I had to take steps to assess the situation,

1. Empty contents of purse

2. Find out that over 3/4 of the stuff I lug around everyday holds no purpose in my day to day life

3. Fill new purse with contents that are actually necessary

After all this was said and done, I realized that it is totally realistic to use this purse everyday. K and I decided it would be wise to exchange the wallet he bought for a cute little card holder instead. 

After a quick trip to Charming Charlie's (Which by the way is probably the most visually pleasing store with all their color coded tables.) I was all ready to go. After the first day of lugging my new purse around, I felt significantly lighter as a whole. Since it is a cross-body purse, it didn't put it's whole weight on to my shoulder and the whole purse only weighs like a pound. I felt as light as a feather for the first few days although I couldn't shake the feeling that I was missing something. How sad it was that I felt so scattered with less weight with me.

It is truly amazing that as women, we can have a purse of any size and fill it to the brim with things we don't need. The smaller the purse the less useless crap I had to carry around all day. On the off chance that I ever have to bring my tablet or laptop anywhere I can always bring an extra tote with me. I truly believe a smaller purse has made not only myself feel lighter, but my mind as well without all the extra clutter with me all the time, and my shoulder thanks me as well.

Now all I carry around is my face powder, lip stain, a few pens, and my new and improved smaller wallet. To top it all off I still have some room to spare!

So for those of you who have considered buying a smaller purse, I urge you to try it. You have nothing to lose and remember nothing is permanent, you can always adapt to whatever works for you!