When Life Knocks You Down, You Get Right Back Up

The past week I have been going through a rough patch, sometimes it feels like the whole world is crashing down on you and you feel so overwhelmed that you forget why you work so hard. The kind of times where everything seems to be going wrong and just when you think it can't get any worse, you turn your coffee machine on but forget to put the coffee pot in. I had forgotten to take time for myself and to take a breather, I had been so concentrated on reaching a goal that I forgot to take care of myself first. This led to me having a breakdown of sorts where I felt beyond defeated, I needed someone to just take the time to ask me if I was doing okay, I needed to vent, and most of all I needed to take a break. 

K saw that I was beyond done with feeling this way and decided to dedicate a whole day for me to do nothing. I laughed at the idea of me sitting around doing nothing productive for a whole day. There was no way I was going to be able to keep myself still for any longer than an hour. But nonetheless I promised him that I would try my very hardest to calm down and channel my inner bum, if only for one day. 

It proved to be harder than I expected.

By noon the next day I was feeling jittery and felt almost claustrophobic thinking that I shouldn't be doing anything but feeling a strong urge to occupy myself somehow. After a little convincing that I was going out of my mind, K caved and let me vacuum my car but after that it would be right back to what I was doing before. I needed to find something I could do that would relax me but also keep my mind busy, turns out the answer to my problem was simple.

as it turns out, are SERIOUSLY underrated. I felt at ease thinking I was accomplishing something while "building" but I also felt very zen and content sitting in one place for hours on end. I was content in complete solitude but also was very happy when K and his brother decided to join me. It was a form of bonding that you forget about nowadays, we were away from our phones, electronics, and any other brain numbing activities and we were just enjoying each others silent company while building something as a team.

By the end of the day I felt a million times better, all I had needed to do was to take a breather and do something other than my endless mental checklist of chores and tasks that I felt needed to be completed everyday. I needed to take some time for me and puzzles were the answer to keeping me still for long enough to relax. It was honestly one of the simplest and greatest days I have had in awhile. 

So whenever you feel overwhelmed,
Build a puzzle
Take a breath
Realize it will be alright
Selfishly take some time for yourself
And forget the chores

It will do wonders to renew your whole being.