Staying Motivated To Get Fit

It is not unlike me to have a whim to do something or change my lifestyle and it end up failing every time. Why is it so hard to build a habit or make a change to your lifestyle. Why are we creatures of old habits and new ones for me, are nearly impossible to adapt.

I read it takes 3-6 weeks to build a habit and make it routine. So when I had a whim to start working out, not only to tone up my "bod" but to lead an overall healthier life, I had low expectations to how long it would actually last. 

I'm an Aries, notorious for starting projects but not seeing them through to the end. 

Little did I know that I would force myself to find the time 6 out of the 7 days of this last week to workout. I was so proud of myself, not only for sticking through for a week but the fact that I was able to motivate myself enough to get off the couch more than just a few times. By the end of the week I was feeling more energized and overall more relaxed. I found it was easier for my anxious mind to put some of those irrational thoughts on the back burner when it was time to relax, which in turn led to a week of almost zero anxiety. I hadn't felt this good since I had lived in Oregon and had gone hiking on a regular basis. 

Diet on the other hand is still a little difficult during hard financial times. When you are broke it's hard to buy all the healthy dinners that should go hand in hand with this new lifestyle change. I have been rummaging through my cabinets on a daily basis trying to find healthy alternatives to replace the calories burned during my workouts. Being such a skinny build, it is major that I replace the calories because otherwise I will be losing unnecessary weight and that is not the goal. My goal is to feel better, tone up, and to build a habit earlier in life so that it is not that hard to stay healthy when I reach an older age.

Pinterest is an awesome resource for at home workouts and you can really find a variety of them so you can change it up daily or weekly to concentrate on different parts of your body. Don't be discouraged if you don't have any equipment because most of them do not require it. I have one 15 pound weight and two 10 pound weights and have barely even needed them. 
So even if you only do 15min a day, it's better than nothing at all am I right?

So what results have I seen this week?

  • I went from doing 15-20 crunches to doing 30-35
  • I fall asleep easier and get a better quality of sleep
  • I have more energy to do other things throughout the day
  • I feel better about myself
  •  I am more flexible

   Here's to another week of working out and keeping that motivation up!