Shopping For Less At Garage Sales

Sometimes I forget how much fun garage sales can be. Not only how fun, but what gems you can find in the midst of other people's "trash". I am not ashamed to admit that some of the nicest pieces of furniture and decor we have are from garage sales. 

My favorite garage sales are the ones in the "higher class" areas of town. Today for instance there was a community garage sale in a very well off area. That is where you can find the best furniture because most of these people are selling their "old" stuff to make room for their new living room, dining room and bedroom sets. Meanwhile you can pick and choose from each one and put together a nice, new and unique set of your own to fill your home.

The last time K and I went to a community garage sale in this very same neighborhood, we walked away with a beautiful wooden glasstop living room coffee table that still looks almost brand new to this day. So we set out on a venture with 40 dollars in our pocket to go look for some misallaneous items. We were not on the search for any furniture but more like small decorations and just overall fun pieces.

Here is our loot:

Wooden Sign $12

This sign was more of a statement piece I would say, it was exactly K's style of piece. Being that he is convinced that he is a pirate, this sign was essential for him. Who would I be to stop him from buying it. It is definitely something you won't find elsewhere!

Wooden Bowl Thing $1

Mostly bought this because it was nice looking and wooden. There was really no functional drive behind it. It will probably be full of random crap in a matter of days and be useless! But nonetheless, it looks nice for now!

Sunglasses $1

Sunglasses are something we never have a shortage of. When I saw these, I knew I had to have them. Not only did K say that they looked great but also the old man selling them. It might've just been a sales technique but it worked. After looking at myself a few more times in the mirror, it was a done deal.

Dartboard $10

This one I wasn't so fond of, this was purely of K's wanting. I wasn't too hyped about the idea of darts being thrown inside, nor was I too fond of having this out on the porch. I guess I am just a pushover cause here we are now and it's leaning on my dining room wall...

Glade Air Freshener 12 for $4

Now this was a deal and a half. Not only are these like a dollar a pop or more anywhere you find them, but also this lady had them in the greatest scents. K was also more than happy to buy these because inevitably we were going to buy some and he thinks they are a waste of money. So better to get them cheap where you can, plus I won't have to buy anymore probably for the next year and a half.

So all in all not a huge haul but definitely worth it. I got some personable and necessary items and also just some items that don't make a lot of sense. It was a good morning with K though and we enjoyed our time together after a week of barely having time together after long days at work.

 Is it time for me to win the lottery yet?