Review for Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner

Do you ever get that dry static hair that just decides to cling to everything each morning? Making your morning routine more and more frustrating, wondering what you have done to offend the hair gods for them to wish this upon your hair. I had been dealing with this problem for quite sometime, it just wasn't making sense to me how living in such a humid climate like Florida, could cause my hair to be so dry and angry.

A little background info on how I treat my hair:
  • I rarely, if ever use heat tools on my hair. Even when I blow dry my hair, I do so on a cold setting.
  • I recently invested in a brush that will cause less damage on wet hair if I brush it.
  • I use serums from time to time to try to give my hair some extra moisture
  • Other than that I use a handful of products like hairspray, dryshampoo sometimes, and gel to tame my flyaways.

So in the grand scheme of things, one would think that I have very well taken care of hair. The only damage I cause on purpose is when I dye it, even so I only do it once every 5-6months. Yet my hair had turned into a static frizz ball that could not be contained. I had two options, I could either use some kind of deep moisturizing mask on my hair or I could opt for a leave in treatment. 

I set out to publix with my new found hope to tame my hair. As I was browsing some hair products (which can be surprisingly overwhelming sometimes btw) I narrowed down my search to aussie products. I am after all a girl on a budget, I did not venture into this thinking I would spend more than a few bucks, I just couldn't afford it at that time. Luckily all aussie products are low cost for a realatively if not surprisingly good quality. I ended up picking aussie's hair insurance leave-in conditioner.

So how was it?

After showering I generously spritzed this in my hair, concentrating on mostly on my ends. I sprayed a little at the top of my head which always makes me nervous, with such thin hair it does not take a lot of product to go from tame to greasy looking.
After giving it a quick cold air blow dry and a quick brushing, I saw that my hair looked more lively. It was shiny, it looked healthy and moisturized, and last but not least, no static! Nor was the top of my head feeling weighed down or looking greasy, this was awesome! For 5 dollars I got my hair completely tamed! Even when my hair is dry, I like to spritz some of this in my hair just to give it that revitalized look to it.
Truly through and through this product did exactly what I wanted it to. I feel like even once summer truly starts here in Florida and the humidity starts up that I will still be able to use this with my hair, it is so lightweight. I will definitely be adding this to my hair arsenal!