School Tuition In America

So on a bit of a heavier note I wanted to make a quick comment about the absurd prices of tuition here in America. We have not only a high tuition, but a steep price for books and what feels like a common struggle with financial aid. 

So just how much is the average American spending on their tuition?

If your a resident and not attending a private college you will be paying $9,139
If you happen to not be a resident of the area you will be paying on average $22,958
Oh and those books you need for school?  Be ready to cough up $1,146

So how much can the average European expect to pay for school?

Little to none.

So let's say you have gathered up the courage to go and sign up for a school and are in the process of filling out a FASFA. Well you better hope you have a child, are a military spouse or your parents don't make more than the magic number allotted. If you don't have any of the qualifications above and you are under 24 you are out of luck my friend. You will qualify for a loan that is pretty steep and you can forget all your dreams about a grant.

We live in a country that tells you to be better to do better in life, yet they make it so difficult for the average joe to go out and get the one thing that is essential in life, an education.

Meanwhile countries in Europe are welcoming exchange students with open arms to come get their degree for no charge or very minimal.

Why are we setting the youth up to go and sell their souls and be stuck in a position of paying off debt for the next ten years instead of making it the obvious appealing choice?