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Downsizing Your Purse And What You Need To Know

As women, we rely on our purses to carry everything and anything we need on a daily basis. Women's pants pockets just won't do and rarely do we want to carry around a backpack. I have always owned a decent size purse and always thought that bigger is better, after all I do carry my whole life in there!

Well this all seemingly changed when K gave me one of my Christmas gifts early. He had panicked about the size of the purse he had just received in the mail, he decided to give it to me early so that I would still have enough time to exchange it before Christmas. That poor man, I don't think he understands that I am happy with whatever he would get me and could never imagine exchanging something that didn't "work for me".

He hesitantly gave me my gift after I tried my hardest to convince him that the size of whatever he got me would matter none. I saw the purse and immediately fell in love. Sure it was probably the smallest purse I had ever received and only half the size of my old one,
but it was classy and beautiful, he knew my taste so well.

Of course K had also bought a wallet to go along with it, that now, after seeing the actual size of the purse, he realized it would not fit. K told me we can either exchange the purse or the wallet. I was hesitant about the size of the purse, would I really be able to downsize and fit all the things I needed into the bag?

I had to take steps to assess the situation,

1. Empty contents of purse

2. Find out that over 3/4 of the stuff I lug around everyday holds no purpose in my day to day life

3. Fill new purse with contents that are actually necessary

After all this was said and done, I realized that it is totally realistic to use this purse everyday. K and I decided it would be wise to exchange the wallet he bought for a cute little card holder instead. 

After a quick trip to Charming Charlie's (Which by the way is probably the most visually pleasing store with all their color coded tables.) I was all ready to go. After the first day of lugging my new purse around, I felt significantly lighter as a whole. Since it is a cross-body purse, it didn't put it's whole weight on to my shoulder and the whole purse only weighs like a pound. I felt as light as a feather for the first few days although I couldn't shake the feeling that I was missing something. How sad it was that I felt so scattered with less weight with me.

It is truly amazing that as women, we can have a purse of any size and fill it to the brim with things we don't need. The smaller the purse the less useless crap I had to carry around all day. On the off chance that I ever have to bring my tablet or laptop anywhere I can always bring an extra tote with me. I truly believe a smaller purse has made not only myself feel lighter, but my mind as well without all the extra clutter with me all the time, and my shoulder thanks me as well.

Now all I carry around is my face powder, lip stain, a few pens, and my new and improved smaller wallet. To top it all off I still have some room to spare!

So for those of you who have considered buying a smaller purse, I urge you to try it. You have nothing to lose and remember nothing is permanent, you can always adapt to whatever works for you!


Take A Breath, Take It In

It has probably been a month since I posted anything. I have felt a lack of inspiration in all aspects of my life. I lost myself.

How could I possibly write about anything if my heart wasn't in it? I had many moments over the past month of whether I should relaunch my blog on a different website or if I would just quit blogging all together. There use to be a time when I would look at things multiple times a day and think to myself "wow, that would make a great post." and lately I haven't been feeling like that at all.

Quite frankly, I hadn't felt like myself in a long time. 

I don't know whether it was time for a break from all "responsibilities" that I needed or was it that I just wasn't interested in blogging anymore. How could a woman of so many words, have so little to stay.

I had to do some good old soul searching for a bit. I don't think I am quite back to where I want to be, but hey, the first part was taking the intiative to write this post. 

Sometimes I need to remind myself to take time for myself and unplug. I am constantly worrying and working, being apart of the "adult world" that I forget what I am doing it all for. How depressing of a thought is that? I'm sure everyone feels like this from time to time. Where you have to remind yourself what it is exactly that you like to do, what is it that makes you, you.

I want so much more for myself. I want to find a hobby that makes my mind easy. I want to sit on my porch and truly take in the world around me. I want to listen to the rain on the roof, with a candle lit in my living room and sit in total silence. I want the mornings to turn cool, so that I can take long walks in solitude. I want to get excited about life again and remember that there is only the one life that we are given. It's our choice what we do with it and how we spend it. 

"Some people feel the rain, Others just get wet"

I want to better myself as a person. I want to love selflessly, I want to laugh genuinely, I want to be surrounded by good people, making memories for a lifetime. I want to dig my feet in the sand and listen to waves crashing.

I am in the process of finding the spark that makes me the person I am. That K fell in love with. Something people can see in the glimmer of my eye and think 
"wow she is wild"


Open Letter To The Impaired Medium

 PSA: Rant Ahead

Now I would like to begin this story by stating that I am as thick skinned as they get. I don't take much to heart and when I do, I won't be showing how much it bothers me. There are only a few areas in life that I will not tolerate:

1. Mistreating any animals
2. Disrespect
3. Saying unnecessary things about my loved ones

So this day started out like any other, K and I were going to babysit his youngest brother and his best friend for the day. We were going to have a nice day eating pizza, catching pokemon, and going to the pool. 

Everything went according to plan up until the pool. As soon as we got there we noticed that there was a very drunk couple in their mid 40's hanging out by the pool with their young daughter, I didn't think much of it, after all it was a nice sunny day and maybe they were just trying to have a good time on their day off. Well we had barely sat our stuff down before the lady and the man decided to start having a conversation with K and I. Not that it was much of a conversation, but out of courtesy we were willing to entertain them for a bit. 

They talked about how they had moved from California to Florida and how different the water was here compared to there etc. Meanwhile I coaxed the boys to go play with the girl, she seemed awfully lonely and bored with the fact that her parents weren't playing with her. Meanwhile K and I decided to move to the other end of the pool because the couple were acting like a bunch of fools. 

After laying by the pool for awhile I noticed that they had been joined by another maybe thirty something male who seemed hesitant to be hanging out with them. The lady immediately started jumping and hanging on to the guy in the pool as her husband reassured the guy that he really doesn't mind it at all. The guy was protesting this lady's advances anyway, saying how he didn't feel comfortable with the couples child watching their mother hang on to him like that. 

A little while later as I was heading out to grab some sunscreen for everyone, I saw the girl bust her butt while running. I walked over to her to see if she was alright and offering to help her with her scraped knees, meanwhile her parents looked and ignored that fact that their daughter was hurt. It was at this point when I began to be annoyed. How could two people be so uncaring for their child and be on god knows what in their child's presence? How could they not even make sure that their daughter  was alright? 

After I made sure she was alright and had returned with the sunscreen, I decided to move on and try to forget about the couples behavior, it wasn't worth dwelling on it. But as if to further annoy me the lady yelled over and told me she saw an old lady around me, a spirit of sorts. She asked me if I had lost my grandmother to which I replied I had. Now that was probably the moment when I should have told her to mind her business or that I didn't want to talk about it, my grandmother is a sore subject and something I still have not come to terms with. Of course this also happened the day after I had been thinking about her. She continued to tell me things my "grandmother" was saying to me and how proud she was of me. She asked me about my relationship with her and took shots in the dark when trying to guess something about our past. 

I was more than annoyed at this point, she was relentless about this, even after I was very obviously irritated. I wanted to tell her that she knew NOTHING about my relationship with my grandmother and how she couldn't possibly phantom how much I loved her. Finally she did end up moving on to her next drunken activity but the annoyance and grief stuck with me. We ended up leaving the pool right after and it wasn't until I came home and took a shower that I had to realize that I shouldn't give this lady the time of day. She was belligerent and a fool and I should leave her in her own worth. 

One thing she was right about, my grandmother is always with me, whether that be in my thoughts or my heart.


When Life Knocks You Down, You Get Right Back Up

The past week I have been going through a rough patch, sometimes it feels like the whole world is crashing down on you and you feel so overwhelmed that you forget why you work so hard. The kind of times where everything seems to be going wrong and just when you think it can't get any worse, you turn your coffee machine on but forget to put the coffee pot in. I had forgotten to take time for myself and to take a breather, I had been so concentrated on reaching a goal that I forgot to take care of myself first. This led to me having a breakdown of sorts where I felt beyond defeated, I needed someone to just take the time to ask me if I was doing okay, I needed to vent, and most of all I needed to take a break. 

K saw that I was beyond done with feeling this way and decided to dedicate a whole day for me to do nothing. I laughed at the idea of me sitting around doing nothing productive for a whole day. There was no way I was going to be able to keep myself still for any longer than an hour. But nonetheless I promised him that I would try my very hardest to calm down and channel my inner bum, if only for one day. 

It proved to be harder than I expected.

By noon the next day I was feeling jittery and felt almost claustrophobic thinking that I shouldn't be doing anything but feeling a strong urge to occupy myself somehow. After a little convincing that I was going out of my mind, K caved and let me vacuum my car but after that it would be right back to what I was doing before. I needed to find something I could do that would relax me but also keep my mind busy, turns out the answer to my problem was simple.

as it turns out, are SERIOUSLY underrated. I felt at ease thinking I was accomplishing something while "building" but I also felt very zen and content sitting in one place for hours on end. I was content in complete solitude but also was very happy when K and his brother decided to join me. It was a form of bonding that you forget about nowadays, we were away from our phones, electronics, and any other brain numbing activities and we were just enjoying each others silent company while building something as a team.

By the end of the day I felt a million times better, all I had needed to do was to take a breather and do something other than my endless mental checklist of chores and tasks that I felt needed to be completed everyday. I needed to take some time for me and puzzles were the answer to keeping me still for long enough to relax. It was honestly one of the simplest and greatest days I have had in awhile. 

So whenever you feel overwhelmed,
Build a puzzle
Take a breath
Realize it will be alright
Selfishly take some time for yourself
And forget the chores

It will do wonders to renew your whole being.


Short Sunday Thoughts

As a person I am so indecisive, I can't make up my mind for the life of me, and making choices often gives me huge anxiety!

"What if this isn't the right choice?"

A question that runs through my head from the most minuscule decisions to bigger life choices. But that is just it, life is full of choices, and no matter what, whatever choice you make will make your life take a different path than the other. 

Like Rush said and a lyric that really resonated with me.
 "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

Maybe it's my anxiety making me overthink but I know I am not the only one who deals with this, the struggle is all too real. 

So my answer to moments like these:


Take it easy

Go to the beach

Hope you guys are enjoying every last bit of this Sunday before the next work week starts!


Why We Do It

I wrote last week about my journey to try to start working out, what I had accomplished, and how I had felt lately. This past week I have been slacking, it is so disappointing when you were doing so good at attaining a goal you set for yourself and then you start to lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish.
Work is one of my biggest obstacles.
I had a big week last week and was not getting home until about 6 or 7 at night and at that point it is a game of catch up with preparing dinner, getting showered, and tidying up the house. It's truly exhausting when you feel like all you do is work and sleep and there comes a point in time where you just have to suck it up for a little bit and then pick back up from where you left off. So that is exactly what I did, I picked back up where I left off.
I had an awesome short day at work and was lucky enough to get home by 12, how nice was that for a monday! I fell into laziness at first when I plopped down on the couch and started watching tv, but after a nice lunch and maybe too small of a digestion time, I 
decided it was time to get my butt up and moving. 

I started off with some awesome yoga stretches like the pigeon and corpse (lazy I know!) and proceeded to start lifting my 15 pound weight, incorporating some squats into my session. That feeling I got afterwards, I almost forgot just how great it feels. The feeling of tension and anxiety just starting to melt away with each rep I did and soon I found my body and mind at ease and peace.

For the longest time I couldn't figure out how people stay motivated to keep working out, but it is that feeling you get right after a good workout of accomplishment and hard work that makes it all worth it. They aren't lying when they say exercise is the best anxiety medicine. Not only does working out give that special attention to your body, it also makes you feel so aware of how you felt beforehand, what normal felt like before you started doing something for yourself. 

Don't give up on your hobbies or goals, even if you start to fall behind or miss a few workouts. You can always pick right back up where you left off and no one will think any less of you. 

That's the beauty of life, you are the only person who you need to impress, everyone else is just background noise.


Staying Motivated To Get Fit

It is not unlike me to have a whim to do something or change my lifestyle and it end up failing every time. Why is it so hard to build a habit or make a change to your lifestyle. Why are we creatures of old habits and new ones for me, are nearly impossible to adapt.

I read it takes 3-6 weeks to build a habit and make it routine. So when I had a whim to start working out, not only to tone up my "bod" but to lead an overall healthier life, I had low expectations to how long it would actually last. 

I'm an Aries, notorious for starting projects but not seeing them through to the end. 

Little did I know that I would force myself to find the time 6 out of the 7 days of this last week to workout. I was so proud of myself, not only for sticking through for a week but the fact that I was able to motivate myself enough to get off the couch more than just a few times. By the end of the week I was feeling more energized and overall more relaxed. I found it was easier for my anxious mind to put some of those irrational thoughts on the back burner when it was time to relax, which in turn led to a week of almost zero anxiety. I hadn't felt this good since I had lived in Oregon and had gone hiking on a regular basis. 

Diet on the other hand is still a little difficult during hard financial times. When you are broke it's hard to buy all the healthy dinners that should go hand in hand with this new lifestyle change. I have been rummaging through my cabinets on a daily basis trying to find healthy alternatives to replace the calories burned during my workouts. Being such a skinny build, it is major that I replace the calories because otherwise I will be losing unnecessary weight and that is not the goal. My goal is to feel better, tone up, and to build a habit earlier in life so that it is not that hard to stay healthy when I reach an older age.

Pinterest is an awesome resource for at home workouts and you can really find a variety of them so you can change it up daily or weekly to concentrate on different parts of your body. Don't be discouraged if you don't have any equipment because most of them do not require it. I have one 15 pound weight and two 10 pound weights and have barely even needed them. 
So even if you only do 15min a day, it's better than nothing at all am I right?

So what results have I seen this week?

  • I went from doing 15-20 crunches to doing 30-35
  • I fall asleep easier and get a better quality of sleep
  • I have more energy to do other things throughout the day
  • I feel better about myself
  •  I am more flexible

   Here's to another week of working out and keeping that motivation up!


When You Need A Pick Me Up

I spend a lot of my off time on pinterest, probably more than I would like to admit. It's just too convenient to have a place where you can mindlessly scroll through for hours and find so much cool stuff. Lately I have been trying to find a few good quotes a day and pin them. These quotes are always something that make me feel happy, powerful, and at peace with my thoughts. I thought it would be a nice mood booster for you guys for me to list off some of my favorites!

Make sure to checkout my pinterest board for more inspiring quotes to life yourself up, 


Top Busy Person Tips To A Tidier Home

You look around your house on Saturday morning and see the mess chaos that is your home. Your plans are now narrowed down to cleaning your whole weekend away or ignoring it and it just piling up to the point of no return. Why cause yourself such a horrible ultimatum on your relaxation days when you could take a peek into my top tips to keep your house clean throughout the week to save you some trouble!

So how do I find the time to not only keep my house tidy, but also to relax and unwind? 

1. Do the dishes every night- Do a load of dishes every night. Prepare by pre-rinsing your dishes and putting them into an empty dishwasher. I cannot even explain how much less enjoyable doing dishes is when there are so many dishes that they are overflowing out of your sink and when every single dish has dried up gunk on it that takes you a solid 20 minutes to remove.

2. Don't wait for laundry to pile up- I used to wait until the weekend to do laundry, that is until I noticed that my whole Saturday and Sunday consisted of me steadily loading and unloading the washer and dryer. I have now made it a routine to wash a load every night (or every other night depending on need). Not only do I do laundry everyday but I put it away as soon as it is done.

3. Running a rag over surfaces- If you cook, take the time to wipe down the counters right after. If you just got done eating, wipe down the dining room table.  If you notice a bunch of dust gathering on any surface, take the 30seconds it takes and wipe it down. This will help your home look and feel significantly tidier on a daily basis.

4. Make your bed- After a long day at work nothing sounds better than my bed. What makes falling in to bed that much better is the fact that my bed is made. It just makes the whole bed feel more fresh and comfy.

5. Broom your floors- especially if you have dogs. Dust and hair collects so fast, as does food crumbs and other dirt. Quickly running a broom over your foyer and kitchen area, or even wiping it down with a rag will help with preventing pests and you'll love the way your floor feels beneath your bare feet!

6. Basically if it takes less than 5-10 min, go ahead and do it right then and there. 

Bonus ideas to help make your morning easier:

1. Set your coffee maker in advance, even if it does not have a timer. Just setting it up to the point where you can walk out of your room and just press a button and ta-daa you have a fresh hot cup of joe makes all the difference.

2. Set up you breakfast, the same as your coffee. Setting out, for example, your cereal and bowl with your spoon can make your morning just that much easier.  Forget looking through sleepy eyes, trying to find something to eat, all you have to do now is just pour and go! Give your yesterday night self a tap on the back.

3. Set your clothes out for the next morning. Say hello to walking in your bathroom and mindlessly putting random clothes on because for one, not random you set them there and for two still no effort required. #score

4. If your not one of those people who absolutely have to shower the morning of, shower the night before. Not only can you accomplish super cute next day hairstyles (no heat required) but you can also save yourself about 30 min every morning.

Some nights it might feel like you don't have the energy to stick to your newly found routine but a habit takes approximately 6 weeks to develop and become a part of your daily routine.
Keep with it!


Shopping For Less At Garage Sales

Sometimes I forget how much fun garage sales can be. Not only how fun, but what gems you can find in the midst of other people's "trash". I am not ashamed to admit that some of the nicest pieces of furniture and decor we have are from garage sales. 

My favorite garage sales are the ones in the "higher class" areas of town. Today for instance there was a community garage sale in a very well off area. That is where you can find the best furniture because most of these people are selling their "old" stuff to make room for their new living room, dining room and bedroom sets. Meanwhile you can pick and choose from each one and put together a nice, new and unique set of your own to fill your home.

The last time K and I went to a community garage sale in this very same neighborhood, we walked away with a beautiful wooden glasstop living room coffee table that still looks almost brand new to this day. So we set out on a venture with 40 dollars in our pocket to go look for some misallaneous items. We were not on the search for any furniture but more like small decorations and just overall fun pieces.

Here is our loot:

Wooden Sign $12

This sign was more of a statement piece I would say, it was exactly K's style of piece. Being that he is convinced that he is a pirate, this sign was essential for him. Who would I be to stop him from buying it. It is definitely something you won't find elsewhere!

Wooden Bowl Thing $1

Mostly bought this because it was nice looking and wooden. There was really no functional drive behind it. It will probably be full of random crap in a matter of days and be useless! But nonetheless, it looks nice for now!

Sunglasses $1

Sunglasses are something we never have a shortage of. When I saw these, I knew I had to have them. Not only did K say that they looked great but also the old man selling them. It might've just been a sales technique but it worked. After looking at myself a few more times in the mirror, it was a done deal.

Dartboard $10

This one I wasn't so fond of, this was purely of K's wanting. I wasn't too hyped about the idea of darts being thrown inside, nor was I too fond of having this out on the porch. I guess I am just a pushover cause here we are now and it's leaning on my dining room wall...

Glade Air Freshener 12 for $4

Now this was a deal and a half. Not only are these like a dollar a pop or more anywhere you find them, but also this lady had them in the greatest scents. K was also more than happy to buy these because inevitably we were going to buy some and he thinks they are a waste of money. So better to get them cheap where you can, plus I won't have to buy anymore probably for the next year and a half.

So all in all not a huge haul but definitely worth it. I got some personable and necessary items and also just some items that don't make a lot of sense. It was a good morning with K though and we enjoyed our time together after a week of barely having time together after long days at work.

 Is it time for me to win the lottery yet?


8 All Too Real Bilingual Struggles

In many ways I consider myself lucky to call two countries my home. I have a strong sense of self and patriotism towards both of my home countries and love each one in different ways. I also consider myself lucky to be able to pick up languages and understand different cultures with ease because of growing up in a situation where I was always adapting.

How ever there are the struggles of being bilingual, whether it be the weird looks you get when you say something or do something that people don't quite understand. So I made a list of all the #realbilingualproblems I have gone through and I am sure many of you will identify with.

1. Pronouncing words- Sometimes you pronounce words as they are written, it makes sense right? Why would there be an L in salmon if your not supposed to pronounce it? This has gotten me many laughs, among the top "funniest" were the words salmon, oregano, etc.

2. Stuttering- Oh my god, I cannot name how many times I have found myself angry and been venting or ranting and just started stuttering. The words just won't always flow or maybe you throw in some words that aren't English, either way it frustrates me to no end. How am I supposed to be taken seriously if I can't even get a sentence out?

3. Using metaphors that aren't used in English- I will never forget the look on K's face when I told him that there was " a dog buried in this". This is a Finnish saying for something seems off. I quickly realized what I had said made absolutely zero sense to K and he looked at me like I was crazy!

4. Bringing your lunch to school when you were little- This was literally an event at elementary school. I would bring my lunch to school of seemingly normal food to me and my friends would gather around to see what I had that day. Eventually it stopped being funny and became more and more embarrassing. I quickly told my mom I would not be bringing traditional Finnish meals to school anymore. Looking back on it now though, I was lucky to have such good and healthy food at school and sure wish someone was making me lunch everyday in my adult life!

5. Always having an accent- When you first move somewhere. Every time I have lived in America for awhile and talk to someone in Finnish I have an accent or visa versa if I have lived in Finland for a few years and come back to America, I have an accent. There just really is no time when you are winning in this category. 

6. Missing crucial years of language arts in either country- This can seriously mess up what you have learned and how far behind you are. No one thing is the same. A good example of this is my younger sibling, he missed most of his elementary school learning in Finland because we lived in America at the time, so once we finally came back to Finland he struggled talking and writing in Finnish. To this day he still has problems with it and identifies more as a English speaking person than a Finnish speaking person.

7. Never quite feeling at home- When I am in Finland, I want to live here. When I am here I want to be there. I can move anywhere and never not have my heart longing to be somewhere else. It took many years for me to realize that the closest I am going to get to feeling at home is not a location, but a person. Wherever K is, that's where I need to be.

8. Having different views on things- Everyone has their own opinions and they won't always match yours, that's just life. The thing I seemed to run into more is how open minded Finland was compared to America in some things and obviously my political views were greatly swayed by how I was raised. This has lead to more than one very heated conversation. But as the years have gone by, I've realized that everyone is entitled to their opinion and if your opinion isn't something that can be shared without argument, then it shouldn't be shared at all. Of course this does not apply to a goodhearted old debate!

Are there any struggles you have gone through as a bilingual, bi-cultural person?


De-stressing Like A Boss

Finding balance is crucial in life. For what you need balance with varies from person to person, situation to situation. I have been struggling to find balance in my life for quite some time and for the longest time, my life felt not quite my own. It is crazy what your environment, the people you surround yourself with, and the way you think can effect your whole perspective on life.

Yesterday I went to the beach for the first time in quite a while. Once the sun started setting and K was off in the distance with friends, I had a moment to take in just how beautiful that moment was. The waves crashing, the sun setting, and the blissful noise of people going about their day. Life at that moment was stress free and peaceful. 

I urge everyone to take some time out of their schedules, pencil in some me time, go sit at a park, take a stroll in the forest, lay on the beach, become aware of your surroundings. It's crazy how much a moment can bring one to peace in the midst of a stressful time. 

We as a people are way too stressed out nowadays, stress harms your health and your physical well being. 
(check out my post on how to take you first steps to relaxation here!)

Take it easy for once in your life!


I'm Back!

Sorry about the blog silence the past week or two, I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. So many exciting and frustrating things have happened! For example, K and I finally found a place and are all moved in! I will do a post on the place once it is fully put together and presentable, hopefully I won't be living amongst boxes for too much longer. 

I've also found a new job working with children as a teachers assistant and I am stocked to be starting next week. I have always enjoyed working with children and for the first time in god knows how long I will actually get weekends off. 

Weekends off = #grownupstatus

Other than that, moving is exhausting and we didn't end up getting internet and cable until yesterday so that is why I haven't had a new post till now. You guys can rest assured that Amy's impression is still in full swing and I will be returning to regular posting starting sometime in the next couple of days.

 If your looking for something to keep your time occupied in the mean time, check out these posts!


High School Experiences, Unexperienced

Throughout my life I have made some good, bad, and sometimes questionable decisions that have brought me to the point I am at now. I do want to point out that I regret nothing, everything that has happened and the decisions I have made molded me into the person I am today and where I am in life now. But even years after high school happened, I still feel bitter sad about how I missed out on the classic high school experience! I know I should stop dwelling on it, after all I am a grown woman now! But hey, I decided to create a list of just what I do regret missing out on.

1. Prom/Homecoming- But really prom. No one can deny that prom is just something you go to, you may hate it, you may love it, but everyone goes. It's tradition. I however dropped out of high school the moment I turned 16. Even when I was in school, with all the moving around I did, I was never there for homecoming or prom of any sorts. To this day I still think to myself, maybe I should have just stayed in school, if for nothing else, than for prom. K tries to tell me that it wasn't that big of a deal and that I really didn't miss out on much, but hey, every beautiful girl should be taken to a ball, right?

2. Graduation- Since we are on the subject of school, I am going to continue with graduation. I always wanted to walk down the stage in my gown and have my diploma handed to me, to have all my friends and family looking up at me from their seats, thinking about how proud they were of me. This obviously did not happen, but in the grand scheme of things a GED is something to be damn proud of. I don't care what people say, dropping out of school was the best choice for me at the time and a GED is just as good as a diploma. It has never EVER hindered me in my life thus far.

3. Crazy Parties- Now I went to my share of crazy parties, but I feel like I never got to experience the cliche American banger. I've been to parties that I guess you could say are comparable, but it wasn't  the real deal. Either way at the end of the day, they seem pretty lame, but it's the experience that counts right?

4. Monumental field trips- I'm not talking about the ones where you go to your local aquarium or to some historical landmark near by, I am talking about the big ones. Like for example, the school year following one of my moves quite a few years ago, my whole grade went to Chicago. Now I have been to Chicago quite a few times, but it was just the fact that I didn't get to take that obnoxious 7 hour ride in a school bus, I didn't get to bunk with my fav girls, I didn't get to experience that with all the people I had grown up with.

5. Senior prank/nerd day/ any other themed day- In Finland we did not really have themed days where everyone in school dressed up. Nor did I get to participate in America for the senior prank seeing that I wasn't in school and all. I still hear people reminiscing all the time about how funny their senior prank was, or how much fun they had on national skip day.

6. Developing lasting friendships- I still have friends I talk to every once in a blue moon on facebook, but moving back and forth so much, you don't really get the time to truly connect with someone. I have had so many good friends along the years that are just faces on my newsfeed nowadays. I guess you could say that it is partially my fault. I don't reach out anymore than they do, but still it is sad to see how someone I referred to as my best friend, is now living a life I couldn't tell you anything about.

In the grand scheme of things, missing out on these experiences isn't all that big of a deal. It does still make me wonder how my life would be different had I chosen a different path in life, but at the end of the day I can look at K, the dogs, the life I've built and think to myself, damn girl, you really do have it all. So sure I might not have a high school diploma, but I graduated my GED with honors, I  might not still stay in touch with most of my friends I made along the way, but I sure do love the ones that are still in my life today. Sure I didn't get those cliche high school experiences, but I am making new experiences every day. 


Your Diet Could Explain More Than You Thought

These past few weeks have not been proud moments for me. I stopped doing my daily walks that I had started not that long ago, I started eating nothing but unhealthy processed food, and my water consumption became less and less. This happens every now and again and I guess you could pin it on being a regular busy, stressed, 20 something year old! Of course I felt more sluggish than normal and felt very unmotivated but what really shocked me was that I was feeling more anxious more often. It didn't really hit me until K and I decided to have a no spend week and ate at home for a week. I noticed that I was feeling better and not feeling so claustrophobic all the time, I was truly happy and anxiety wouldn't even cross my mind throughout the day!

 I couldn't honestly name the last time that had happened in the past 7 months. 

Once I got back into this trash food slump I noticed that of course, my body fell back into the situation it was in before. It occurred to me that just because you are not rapidly gaining weight or feeling super sick, should mean that you can eat whatever you want and not feel the consequences. My body was literally pleading for some nourishment. 

I did some research online to see if there was science to back up the link between anxiety and your gut health, and there it was, those facts were staring back at me from the screen. 

I knew that the chances of me completely re-hauling my diet were slim to none, I am young and enjoy food, I am just not willing to cut all that crap food out of my life. I do however need to make sure that my body is receiving all the nutrients and proteins it needs to function regularly, if not for my physical health, then for my mental health. 

What was I going to do? What kind of plan would work for the fast food loving me but also for the healthier version of me? I came up with a game plan and I was dedicated to stick to it!

1. Drink more water- This is an obvious first step, your body needs water to function. I stress this so much in so many of my posts, yet I still find it a hard rule to follow myself.

2. Being more aware- Even if this just meant reading the nutritional facts on the back of the food I was planning on preparing. Just to see the dietary fiber content, the protein content, and any other content I should be aware of. I'm not going to go all crazy and start dictating what I am eating constantly, I just wanted to be more aware of what I am putting inside my body.

3. Eating more veggies- I found my body actually craving leafy greens and carrots! I have always loved vegetables but noticed what a lack there was in my daily diet. I have made it a point to include veggies on my plate whenever they are available.

4. Cutting the caffeine- I have made my cutoff time for caffeine earlier, this ensures that my body has enough time to get into rest mode before it is actually time to lay down. I noticed that I would absently continue drinking caffeinated drinks, sometimes even being ignorant to the fact that some of these drinks had caffeine in them to begin with!

5. Eating more lean proteins- Chicken and fish are great for you, yet I found that my meals consistently did not revolve around these proteins. So I decided to make an effort to include them more and more in my day to day eating.

6. Snacking- Snacking the right way was huge. Changing that cookie or late night ice cream to toast and bananas really made a difference. Also when you snack smarter, you stay full longer!

7. Take the time to move- No matter how unmotivated I became, there is really no reason why taking 15-30 min out of my day should have not been priority. I felt so good taking that stroll in the morning and it really just set my day off right. To do it at least 5 days a week is my new goal!

Little things can truly make the biggest of differences in your day to day life, don't be ignorant to the state of your body, and always remember, your body is your temple!


Easter Traditions?

Easter is tomorrow! So get ready for some good food, candy, and quality family time. It is still kind of weird to me how all out K's family goes every Easter and what traditions they have. Now I had my own traditions growing up in a Finnish environment, so it took some getting used to when I started being included in K's family gatherings and celebrations.

 1. Easter gifts- This was completely foreign to me! You actually get gifts on Easter just because it is Easter? The first real Easter I spent with K's family, I ended up getting a basket full of summertime accessories and clothes. This was of course a welcome surprise but I still can't wrap my head around the fact that this is a tradition that happens every year!

2. The level of pressure to go to church- On Easter, if you are any kind of believer, you will go to church with the whole family. Now I was raised Lutheran but God was never a big deal under our roof. If you wanted to go to church, my mother was more than happy to have someone to go with her. It was just one of those things that if you wanted to go, good for you, if not, doesn't matter. K's grandmother being the religious person she is, will always, every year, go down fist swinging about whether or not we would be attending church that year.

3. Easter egg hunts- Now whenever I have lived in America as a child I took part in this, but all the years we lived in Finland we never did. It just wasn't a thing and we just never did it. I loved Easter egg hunts when I got to take part but if it wasn't on the roster that year, hey, I could live without it.

4. Ham- Ham being the main protein for Easter dinner, again mindblown. I just assumed ham was for Christmas just like turkey was for Thanksgiving. But I have been surprised before with K's family, like for instance, pasta is always an entree at a Christmas table. 

5. Always, always, always outdoors- There is very rarely, if ever, an Easter gathering planned indoors. Having the mostly beautiful weather we do in Florida, you can count on every person taking advantage of this. More often than not, Easter will always have water activities involved, whether that be a pool, the beach, slip'n'slide, or even a sprinkler. 

Not all traditions are different though!

1. We dye our eggs just the same- If we got around to it, we would dye our eggs just the same as every other family. I used to love activities that bring people together, it's just so rare nowadays.

2. Chocolate- Enough to give any child a sugar rush! Chocolate bunnies were of course the most prized candy of Easter.

Do you have any traditions that you do every year for Easter? Weird or traditional, I would love some ideas!

Pastel pink nails? I think yes! P.S. Don't judge the pink panther pj's!


Top 8 Tips To Get You Falling Asleep And Resting As You Should

I have had the hardest time falling asleep lately. Last night I found myself laying in bed fully energized at 4 in the morning, thoughts of why I can't fall asleep and why this is exactly the reason I get so anxious about bedtime. I've had a love hate relationship with sleep for the past 6 or so years, I either cannot for months go to sleep and stay asleep or on the flip side, fall asleep blissfully at 11 or 12 and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

In the past few months however, things have kept getting worse. It is a nightly issue that I can't fall asleep. Thank god I recently decided to become unemployed while looking for a new job, there is really no way I could function under the circumstances that I am under!

But I would never write a negative post if I didn't have some tricks and pointers to share with my fellow readers who are going through the same thing. I have done hours of research (staying up till four really gives you time to do these things!), I have asked other people about their favorite ways to relax and sleep, and my personal opinions:

1. Do not use your bed for anything other than sleep and intimacy- This might just be the root cause of what has been causing my sleep problems. I have been staying with family since K and I moved back from Oregon, so the guest room is our living room, dining room, and bedroom put into one. When your brain associates your bed with other activities other than sleep it can easily confuse the purpose that you are laying there for. In other words, if at all possible stay out of the bedroom and make it strictly a calm and sleep environment!

2. Try to cut off the caffeine earlier- You can not expect to feed your body sugar and caffeine and it not react how it would when you do the same thing in the morning. When you drink coffee in the morning and throughout the day you are trying to accomplish feeling more awake are you not? Why would you send the same signals and resources to your body when it's time to shut down? Studies have shown that you shouldn't consume caffeine after noon but if that is not an attainable goal then aim to have your last caffenaited drink six hours before you go to bed.

3. Get moving- Try to get a walk in every day for at least 30min, fresh air and sunlight not only energizes your body when it is appropriate but will more likely make you more tired once the day is through and therefor you will begin to fall asleep sooner rather than later.

4. White noise- Or any relaxing noise. There are so many white noise apps out there for free now. The one I have has a wide range of noises to listen to, all of which put me in a very calm state of mind. K's mother also found out that when she listens to a humidifier it puts her right to sleep. She does not actually have one but instead plays the sound over youtube! There are so many resources to use with modern day technology.

5. Don't stress over it- I know sometimes it impossible to stop thinking about how you only have blank amount of hours before you have to wake up in the morning, but if at all possible try to let those feelings go. Tell yourself that it is perfectly fine if you don't fall asleep or if you do. Convince yourself that you don't care, maybe even think to yourself that you are going to force yourself to stay awake. Studies show that this will actually confuse your brain and it will start sending you body signals of being tired? Science is weird.

6. Try to develop a bedtime routine- This means establishing a bedtime as well. You need to establish a routine that lets your body and brain know that you will be going to sleep soon.

7. Make sure your bed is inviting- Are you sheets soft and is your blanket fluffy, is you bed inviting you to sleep in it? The same goes for the whole bedroom, you have to make that space feel like the kind of space you would love to sleep in, check out my post on some ways to feng shui your space!

8. Last but not least, step away from the electronics- I should practice what I preach here. The blue light that emanates from your screen can actually cause melatonin to not produce properly. This could actually be a main culprit in what is keeping you awake, and if you just can't put your technology down, try to turn down the screen brightness all the way if you can bear it. Less is more.

Do you have any tips that work for you?

Is your problem feeling tired throughout the day? Come check this out!


My Top 5 Tips To Get Your Writing Flowing Again

So it happened, writers block has made it's undesired return! So I guess I could write a blog post about __ blog prompts to write about when you have nothing to write about, but as much as you can use those as a resource, you may also find that if the passion is not there, you are not going to write quality content.

I was feeling a bit burnt out lately and was having a hard time coming up with subjects to write about. There is about a billion and one things I could write about but that's the beauty of writers block, none of those ideas are thought of and none of them strike you as interesting. So when I was trying to gain back my inspiration to blog, I stumbled across one of those a year of blog post ideas posts. I looked through the list and realized, sure, these are great ideas and may work for some, but none of them really felt like they were me, you know?

So what are my tried and true remedies for being burnt out?

1. Don't stress about it- take a few days off, don't even think about blogging! The more you wrack your brain over it, the more pressure you will feel to write. If your heart is not in it, don't go for it.

2. Continue about your regular days- I promise after a few days of not thinking about blogging you will start to look at things and think things like "oh! That would make a great picture for a post!" or mid conversation you might think "Hey! That would be an awesome post idea!"

3. Write a draft- Write a post and don't post it. Whether you get just one sentence down and give up or write the whole thing, don't post it. Come back to it, perfect it, own that post and make it the best one yet. I have noticed when I truly take my time with a post, it ends up being the best one I have written and the numbers agree!

4. Start being more active in everyday life- Go out and experience the world! Why would you have anything to write about if your not living your life as you should. Boring people will write boring posts!

(Check out all the pictures from my road trip here and here)

5. Get a second or third opinion- Sometimes all you need to do is have someone to brainstorm with, someone who can give you a fresh outlook on things! K has given me many ideas and I have gotten motivated and turned them into my own. He'll literally just start dropping ideas and they will keep flowing, why? Because he is not under the pressure I put myself under. Have a second person proof read and give their honest opinion of the post as well. You'll see that they make some valid points!

Happy Blogging!