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Hey Guys,
So to start off simple my name is Amy, I'm a goof, I am quirky, I am a jack of all trades but a master of none, there isn't much I haven't tried career wise in my life. The only person who can tell me what I am capable of is myself. 

How I got my start on blogging:  I am by no means a "pro blogger", I don't have any motive to act like something I am not, so what you see on this blog is how I am! I like to show my personality in my writing and put a little extra love in each post! I like to write and I want to share my knowledge and passion. This blog is truly for everyone and anyone, with a little bit of everything and anything. I love to read the news, I love to travel and I love to research things for hours and hours, so why not make all that information come together in one blog post for you?

My Story: I have called many places home. I was born in Finland (Don't know where it is? Most people don't) I am half and half, and no I am not talking about the stuff you put in your coffee, I am half Finnish, half American. By the age of four I had already gone through my first big move to America. After the next few decades I had become sort of a gypsy traveling from one place to another and never living somewhere for more than a few years at best. Then I met my incredible partner and ever since then, I have called beautiful Florida home.

Over the past few years my family has expanded by two furry little babies

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it! I would love to connect with you so please, don't hesitate to leave a comment or find me on pinterest, any and all feedback is welcomed!
P.S. If you like what you see, then by all means come by again!

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