Lumene Bright Now 360 Eye Treatment Review

Have I mentioned how much I love Lumene products? I might be somewhat partial to anything that comes from Finland but there is something about Lumene products that make my skin and I so happy with the way they make me feel. 

 I had recently started to develop a bit of exzema around my eyes (that pain is the single worst pain of dry skin in my opinion) to the point where my skin was literally cracking. I obviously couldn't use any of my regular deep moisturizing lotions due to the irritation they would cause my eyes, trust me I naively tried and ended up with watery stinging eyes. It sucked. I went to my local CVS with the intention of showing my mother where to find Lumene products when I stumbled across this guy,

(Find it here!) 

Description found on Lumene.com:
This lightweight treatment targets all signs of aging for brighter looking eyes. It visibly diminishes dark circles and reduces puffiness and wrinkles. Designed to lift and restore the firmness of upper eyelid against sagging.
Our unique, patented Cloudberry Stem Cell extract in synergy with Beautifeye™ technology is designed to be a global 360° eye contour solution for all skincare challenges around the eyes. The delicate eye regains its suppleness and brightness.

I couldn't resist the urge and just had to get it! Now it wasn't the cheapest of products but I wouldn't go to say that it was super expensive either. To me this was a splurge however, most of the time I tend to not venture beyond the 12 dollar mark unless it is gifted.

First impression: Boy does this sting! But what else could have been expected when you apply something to cracked skin, the feeling luckily quickly subsided. I noticed my skin immediately soaked all of the product and within a few hours my eyes were already looking less red and irritated. I decided to use this 3 times a day instead of twice due to the excessive dryness I was experiencing as well. 

The next day I noticed how much brighter and awake my eyes looked, I looked like I had gotten a full nights sleep when in reality, I had only slept about 5 hours the night before, this was awesome!

 Within a week my eyes had returned mostly to their natural state and I had noticed a serious improvement when it came to the skin around my eyes. There was still lingering dryness, which always takes quite some time to get rid of once it gets bad to the point that it had. Otherwise I feel like it transformed me into a generally happier looking person, it is amazing what a little eye cream can do for the soul and mind!
 I would definitely recommend the splurge to everyone who neglects their eyes from time to time!

If your dry skin is getting out of control, layer a bit of vaseline or lip balm (weird I know) on dry areas and it will give you non stinging relief and speed up the process of healing!

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