Epielle Facial Essence Cucumber Mask

I am a bit of a face mask fanatic, I love the feeling I get after using one (most of the time anyway) and love finding new and affordable masks that work for me. I recently stumbled across a brand name Epielle that K's mom had picked up at big lots. 

I personally never shop at big lots and I think it is largely due to the stigma I got the one time I did go. It was a very run down store with  no air conditioning and just overall a very sad looking place with little to no selection of items. Due to this I never went back or sought out another big lots in my area. K's mom however had been hyping Big lots for quite some time (apparently they have name brand products for way cheaper than other stores) and then proceeded to offer me this face mask she had gotten there when she saw that my skin had started to look angry again.

I had my reservations of course. This was a brand I had never heard of or read about, it was also a sheet mask which I had researched before but never really had the urge to try one out. But I decided to put my judgments aside and give it a whirl, what was the worst that could happen? My skin had taken a turn for the worse with the increasing humidity and heat that is Florida, I was desperate.

Description of product as found on the back of the package:
Epielle Cucumber Facial essence mask contains cucumber and essential botanical extract to leave your skin refreshed and  purified. Your skin will soak up the concentrated extracts in the pure natural cotton mask to brighten your face after every treatment.

After showering the other night I decided it would be the perfect time to give this a try. My skin was clean, prepped, and ready to go. I had read reviews on the mask earlier on in the day (cause I wouldn't be me if I hadn't) and had read for the most part very positive reviews, not that there was many to go off of. The only complaint was that the mask had a tendency of falling off and that it was overly saturated in the extracts. Neither of these issues bothered me one bit when I put the mask on, I decided to lay down on my back to avoid the slipping problem and thought that the mask was just the right amount of saturated. Plus this gave me a good reason to lay in bed and relax for 30 minutes.

The directions said to smooth it over my face to ensure good skin contact and to leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, but I found that giving it an extra ten minutes made all the difference and gave it more time to dry on my face. Immediately after removing it my skin felt so light and fresh. The dullness had faded and my skin looked bright. It felt so smooth to the touch and overall just better. I was very happy with the results and noticed that even the morning after my skin looked way better in comparison to what it had looked like before. 

These masks are only 4 dollars I think for a pack of 6-8 so it is a great bargain and won't hurt your wallet too much when you just want to indulge in a little self care. I would definitely recommend this to everyone and it seems to work well with all skin types. I can't wait to dry a different one next and maybe, just maybe, this girl will become a big lots shopper.

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