Open Letter To The Impaired Medium

 PSA: Rant Ahead

Now I would like to begin this story by stating that I am as thick skinned as they get. I don't take much to heart and when I do, I won't be showing how much it bothers me. There are only a few areas in life that I will not tolerate:

1. Mistreating any animals
2. Disrespect
3. Saying unnecessary things about my loved ones

So this day started out like any other, K and I were going to babysit his youngest brother and his best friend for the day. We were going to have a nice day eating pizza, catching pokemon, and going to the pool. 

Everything went according to plan up until the pool. As soon as we got there we noticed that there was a very drunk couple in their mid 40's hanging out by the pool with their young daughter, I didn't think much of it, after all it was a nice sunny day and maybe they were just trying to have a good time on their day off. Well we had barely sat our stuff down before the lady and the man decided to start having a conversation with K and I. Not that it was much of a conversation, but out of courtesy we were willing to entertain them for a bit. 

They talked about how they had moved from California to Florida and how different the water was here compared to there etc. Meanwhile I coaxed the boys to go play with the girl, she seemed awfully lonely and bored with the fact that her parents weren't playing with her. Meanwhile K and I decided to move to the other end of the pool because the couple were acting like a bunch of fools. 

After laying by the pool for awhile I noticed that they had been joined by another maybe thirty something male who seemed hesitant to be hanging out with them. The lady immediately started jumping and hanging on to the guy in the pool as her husband reassured the guy that he really doesn't mind it at all. The guy was protesting this lady's advances anyway, saying how he didn't feel comfortable with the couples child watching their mother hang on to him like that. 

A little while later as I was heading out to grab some sunscreen for everyone, I saw the girl bust her butt while running. I walked over to her to see if she was alright and offering to help her with her scraped knees, meanwhile her parents looked and ignored that fact that their daughter was hurt. It was at this point when I began to be annoyed. How could two people be so uncaring for their child and be on god knows what in their child's presence? How could they not even make sure that their daughter  was alright? 

After I made sure she was alright and had returned with the sunscreen, I decided to move on and try to forget about the couples behavior, it wasn't worth dwelling on it. But as if to further annoy me the lady yelled over and told me she saw an old lady around me, a spirit of sorts. She asked me if I had lost my grandmother to which I replied I had. Now that was probably the moment when I should have told her to mind her business or that I didn't want to talk about it, my grandmother is a sore subject and something I still have not come to terms with. Of course this also happened the day after I had been thinking about her. She continued to tell me things my "grandmother" was saying to me and how proud she was of me. She asked me about my relationship with her and took shots in the dark when trying to guess something about our past. 

I was more than annoyed at this point, she was relentless about this, even after I was very obviously irritated. I wanted to tell her that she knew NOTHING about my relationship with my grandmother and how she couldn't possibly phantom how much I loved her. Finally she did end up moving on to her next drunken activity but the annoyance and grief stuck with me. We ended up leaving the pool right after and it wasn't until I came home and took a shower that I had to realize that I shouldn't give this lady the time of day. She was belligerent and a fool and I should leave her in her own worth. 

One thing she was right about, my grandmother is always with me, whether that be in my thoughts or my heart.


Renewing Argan Oil For A Great Hair Day

Love me some hair products! I finally after months of being broke (the struggle is real) got to restock on some of my necessities. I was out of a lot of small everyday things and had been neglecting key parts like my hair, due to this. I had been looking for a hair serum of sorts to bring a little life back into my dry ends that had been suffering over the harshest summer months. I ran out of my leave in conditioner about a month ago and had been using a small amount of conditioner just on my ends as a substitute. It wasn't half bad for a quick replacement, but did weigh down my thin hair if I wasn't sparing when applying. 

I found this argan oil of morocco penetrating oil at a local Publix.
I had used renewing argan oil of morocco before but I had bought it in a spray form. I was interested to see if there was any visible difference between the two plus it was only 8 dollars so it was right in the price range I was trying to keep it in. 

The description for the oil as found on Ulta.com:
This rare formula has a centuries-old history of providing natural vitamin E and antioxidants while renewing your hair's cell structure, sealing in shine, and creating lush softness. A precious blend of Moroccan argan oil which instantly penetrates the hair shaft restoring shine and softness while strengthening. Derived from the southwest region of Morocco, argan oil protects from styling heat and UV damage while creating soft, seductive, silky perfection.

As far as descriptions went it sounded pretty darn near identical to the spray oil that I had bought previously, nonetheless I was willing to give it a whirl!

Now I am not going to lie I didn't see a huge difference after applying the penetrating oil versus the spray. The only true difference is that I felt as though my hair had a much better chance of soaking in more product therefor my hair felt softer to the touch. After applying this to damp hair, my brush literally glided through my hair, whereas normally it would snag on about 20 different knots on the way down to my ends. I love the way my hair feels after using this product and it looks so healthy! Gotta say these Moroccan oil guys are on to something with their products!

This is a find for someone who is not trying to break their bank while keeping those bad hair days at bay because no ones got time for that!



Lumene Bright Now 360 Eye Treatment Review

Have I mentioned how much I love Lumene products? I might be somewhat partial to anything that comes from Finland but there is something about Lumene products that make my skin and I so happy with the way they make me feel. 

 I had recently started to develop a bit of exzema around my eyes (that pain is the single worst pain of dry skin in my opinion) to the point where my skin was literally cracking. I obviously couldn't use any of my regular deep moisturizing lotions due to the irritation they would cause my eyes, trust me I naively tried and ended up with watery stinging eyes. It sucked. I went to my local CVS with the intention of showing my mother where to find Lumene products when I stumbled across this guy,

(Find it here!) 

Description found on Lumene.com:
This lightweight treatment targets all signs of aging for brighter looking eyes. It visibly diminishes dark circles and reduces puffiness and wrinkles. Designed to lift and restore the firmness of upper eyelid against sagging.
Our unique, patented Cloudberry Stem Cell extract in synergy with Beautifeye™ technology is designed to be a global 360° eye contour solution for all skincare challenges around the eyes. The delicate eye regains its suppleness and brightness.

I couldn't resist the urge and just had to get it! Now it wasn't the cheapest of products but I wouldn't go to say that it was super expensive either. To me this was a splurge however, most of the time I tend to not venture beyond the 12 dollar mark unless it is gifted.

First impression: Boy does this sting! But what else could have been expected when you apply something to cracked skin, the feeling luckily quickly subsided. I noticed my skin immediately soaked all of the product and within a few hours my eyes were already looking less red and irritated. I decided to use this 3 times a day instead of twice due to the excessive dryness I was experiencing as well. 

The next day I noticed how much brighter and awake my eyes looked, I looked like I had gotten a full nights sleep when in reality, I had only slept about 5 hours the night before, this was awesome!

 Within a week my eyes had returned mostly to their natural state and I had noticed a serious improvement when it came to the skin around my eyes. There was still lingering dryness, which always takes quite some time to get rid of once it gets bad to the point that it had. Otherwise I feel like it transformed me into a generally happier looking person, it is amazing what a little eye cream can do for the soul and mind!
 I would definitely recommend the splurge to everyone who neglects their eyes from time to time!

If your dry skin is getting out of control, layer a bit of vaseline or lip balm (weird I know) on dry areas and it will give you non stinging relief and speed up the process of healing!


Epielle Facial Essence Cucumber Mask

I am a bit of a face mask fanatic, I love the feeling I get after using one (most of the time anyway) and love finding new and affordable masks that work for me. I recently stumbled across a brand name Epielle that K's mom had picked up at big lots. 

I personally never shop at big lots and I think it is largely due to the stigma I got the one time I did go. It was a very run down store with  no air conditioning and just overall a very sad looking place with little to no selection of items. Due to this I never went back or sought out another big lots in my area. K's mom however had been hyping Big lots for quite some time (apparently they have name brand products for way cheaper than other stores) and then proceeded to offer me this face mask she had gotten there when she saw that my skin had started to look angry again.

I had my reservations of course. This was a brand I had never heard of or read about, it was also a sheet mask which I had researched before but never really had the urge to try one out. But I decided to put my judgments aside and give it a whirl, what was the worst that could happen? My skin had taken a turn for the worse with the increasing humidity and heat that is Florida, I was desperate.

Description of product as found on the back of the package:
Epielle Cucumber Facial essence mask contains cucumber and essential botanical extract to leave your skin refreshed and  purified. Your skin will soak up the concentrated extracts in the pure natural cotton mask to brighten your face after every treatment.

After showering the other night I decided it would be the perfect time to give this a try. My skin was clean, prepped, and ready to go. I had read reviews on the mask earlier on in the day (cause I wouldn't be me if I hadn't) and had read for the most part very positive reviews, not that there was many to go off of. The only complaint was that the mask had a tendency of falling off and that it was overly saturated in the extracts. Neither of these issues bothered me one bit when I put the mask on, I decided to lay down on my back to avoid the slipping problem and thought that the mask was just the right amount of saturated. Plus this gave me a good reason to lay in bed and relax for 30 minutes.

The directions said to smooth it over my face to ensure good skin contact and to leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, but I found that giving it an extra ten minutes made all the difference and gave it more time to dry on my face. Immediately after removing it my skin felt so light and fresh. The dullness had faded and my skin looked bright. It felt so smooth to the touch and overall just better. I was very happy with the results and noticed that even the morning after my skin looked way better in comparison to what it had looked like before. 

These masks are only 4 dollars I think for a pack of 6-8 so it is a great bargain and won't hurt your wallet too much when you just want to indulge in a little self care. I would definitely recommend this to everyone and it seems to work well with all skin types. I can't wait to dry a different one next and maybe, just maybe, this girl will become a big lots shopper.


When Life Knocks You Down, You Get Right Back Up

The past week I have been going through a rough patch, sometimes it feels like the whole world is crashing down on you and you feel so overwhelmed that you forget why you work so hard. The kind of times where everything seems to be going wrong and just when you think it can't get any worse, you turn your coffee machine on but forget to put the coffee pot in. I had forgotten to take time for myself and to take a breather, I had been so concentrated on reaching a goal that I forgot to take care of myself first. This led to me having a breakdown of sorts where I felt beyond defeated, I needed someone to just take the time to ask me if I was doing okay, I needed to vent, and most of all I needed to take a break. 

K saw that I was beyond done with feeling this way and decided to dedicate a whole day for me to do nothing. I laughed at the idea of me sitting around doing nothing productive for a whole day. There was no way I was going to be able to keep myself still for any longer than an hour. But nonetheless I promised him that I would try my very hardest to calm down and channel my inner bum, if only for one day. 

It proved to be harder than I expected.

By noon the next day I was feeling jittery and felt almost claustrophobic thinking that I shouldn't be doing anything but feeling a strong urge to occupy myself somehow. After a little convincing that I was going out of my mind, K caved and let me vacuum my car but after that it would be right back to what I was doing before. I needed to find something I could do that would relax me but also keep my mind busy, turns out the answer to my problem was simple.

as it turns out, are SERIOUSLY underrated. I felt at ease thinking I was accomplishing something while "building" but I also felt very zen and content sitting in one place for hours on end. I was content in complete solitude but also was very happy when K and his brother decided to join me. It was a form of bonding that you forget about nowadays, we were away from our phones, electronics, and any other brain numbing activities and we were just enjoying each others silent company while building something as a team.

By the end of the day I felt a million times better, all I had needed to do was to take a breather and do something other than my endless mental checklist of chores and tasks that I felt needed to be completed everyday. I needed to take some time for me and puzzles were the answer to keeping me still for long enough to relax. It was honestly one of the simplest and greatest days I have had in awhile. 

So whenever you feel overwhelmed,
Build a puzzle
Take a breath
Realize it will be alright
Selfishly take some time for yourself
And forget the chores

It will do wonders to renew your whole being.