Adapalene Gel 0.1% Review!

A subject I don't shy away from is my skin. 

I have written numerous posts on products on my quest to clear skin, I have been plagued by adult acne for four years now and it is the worst. It truly does take a toll on one's self esteem and it is so discouraging when you try your very hardest and nothing changes. I have come across many products that have helped me keep it under control (like this Cetaphil cleanser) and have become the poster child for how one should take care of their skin. 

I wash my face twice a day, every day. I try to eat clean and certainly never touch my face. I wash my sheets at the very least once a week and have been trying quite a few home remedies lately (post to come soon!) I had even been working out almost every day!

So why am I still dealing with acne? 

Good question, the answer is unknown to me too, but I have found something that could change the game for me. I had gone to a dermatologist a while back to discuss different options that wouldn't be too harsh on my skin or body (like steroids or other harsh medicines). I was willing to try something new but I was not willing to put my body through hell and back. They prescribed me an oral medicine and a topical gel. I never ended up taking the oral medicine because I had read horrible reviews on them and common side effects were less than ideal.

The topical Cream was called Adapalene, also goes by the name Differin. I was a little worried about this stuff, questions like would my skin remain looking good after I stop using this or will I forever depend on this? Would my sensitive skin suffer horribly from this? But these were all questions I had to look past if I ever wanted to attain good skin.

I started using it and noticed within a few days my skin was becoming red, flaky, and irritated. I was also getting more new pimples than I had before. This caused a serious blow to my self esteem, I had just started a new job and I looked like a 13 year old going through puberty. I felt like everyone I was working with was only seeing my skin. Of course this is ridiculous, I'm sure some of them noticed but I am also sure that they are capable of holding conversations without only thinking about how disgusting my skin looked.

I almost stopped using it all together after the first few days due to these issues, but of course I decided to go on handy dandy google and look up some reviews. To my surprise it had awesome ratings more so than any other drug I had ever looked up. As I was reading the reviews, I started to notice that my initial symptoms were shared by many. See this topical gel will make your skin worse before it gets better, people were referring to it as the "skin purge", but they said these were symptoms that would subside in a matter of weeks. I decided it was worth it to stick with it for a little longer, it couldn't get much worse than this.

After a week or so I noticed the first signs of improvement. My skin was starting to look and feel less dry and more like my normal skin, the acne on my face was beginning to subside, and new pimples were becoming fewer and further between, healing much sooner than before. I was able to start wearing less foundation and even K started to compliment me on my newly clearer skin. That was probably the biggest compliment of them all, if K noticed a difference that means it had to be a bigger change than I thought. I was beginning my route to clearer skin and more confidence, this was awesome.

Now sitting on my couch, sipping my coffee, I am feeling a pimple start to form on my chin. I am not worried and remain hopeful that it won't become a bigger problem with the gel.

If any of you have been having trouble with skin problems, I would highly suggest going to see a dermatologist! If not for acne you should go anyway for a skin check, skin cancer is so real and so common!
So this might not be the end of my skin struggles but it is a very promising beginning to something newer and better.

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