Top Busy Person Tips To A Tidier Home

You look around your house on Saturday morning and see the mess chaos that is your home. Your plans are now narrowed down to cleaning your whole weekend away or ignoring it and it just piling up to the point of no return. Why cause yourself such a horrible ultimatum on your relaxation days when you could take a peek into my top tips to keep your house clean throughout the week to save you some trouble!

So how do I find the time to not only keep my house tidy, but also to relax and unwind? 

1. Do the dishes every night- Do a load of dishes every night. Prepare by pre-rinsing your dishes and putting them into an empty dishwasher. I cannot even explain how much less enjoyable doing dishes is when there are so many dishes that they are overflowing out of your sink and when every single dish has dried up gunk on it that takes you a solid 20 minutes to remove.

2. Don't wait for laundry to pile up- I used to wait until the weekend to do laundry, that is until I noticed that my whole Saturday and Sunday consisted of me steadily loading and unloading the washer and dryer. I have now made it a routine to wash a load every night (or every other night depending on need). Not only do I do laundry everyday but I put it away as soon as it is done.

3. Running a rag over surfaces- If you cook, take the time to wipe down the counters right after. If you just got done eating, wipe down the dining room table.  If you notice a bunch of dust gathering on any surface, take the 30seconds it takes and wipe it down. This will help your home look and feel significantly tidier on a daily basis.

4. Make your bed- After a long day at work nothing sounds better than my bed. What makes falling in to bed that much better is the fact that my bed is made. It just makes the whole bed feel more fresh and comfy.

5. Broom your floors- especially if you have dogs. Dust and hair collects so fast, as does food crumbs and other dirt. Quickly running a broom over your foyer and kitchen area, or even wiping it down with a rag will help with preventing pests and you'll love the way your floor feels beneath your bare feet!

6. Basically if it takes less than 5-10 min, go ahead and do it right then and there. 

Bonus ideas to help make your morning easier:

1. Set your coffee maker in advance, even if it does not have a timer. Just setting it up to the point where you can walk out of your room and just press a button and ta-daa you have a fresh hot cup of joe makes all the difference.

2. Set up you breakfast, the same as your coffee. Setting out, for example, your cereal and bowl with your spoon can make your morning just that much easier.  Forget looking through sleepy eyes, trying to find something to eat, all you have to do now is just pour and go! Give your yesterday night self a tap on the back.

3. Set your clothes out for the next morning. Say hello to walking in your bathroom and mindlessly putting random clothes on because for one, not random you set them there and for two still no effort required. #score

4. If your not one of those people who absolutely have to shower the morning of, shower the night before. Not only can you accomplish super cute next day hairstyles (no heat required) but you can also save yourself about 30 min every morning.

Some nights it might feel like you don't have the energy to stick to your newly found routine but a habit takes approximately 6 weeks to develop and become a part of your daily routine.
Keep with it!

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