What I Am Loving Right Now

For those of you who don't know, Ulta has an awesome rewards program. Not only do you gain points for every dollar you spend, you get awesome deals and coupons, and a birthday gift every year! I recently had a birthday and was eager to find out what my gift this year would be, I had gotten a free eyeliner last year but waited too long to go redeem it ): So on the morning of my birthday, I checked my email as I do every morning and saw that I had received a free 3.4oz spray and play volumizing hairspray! (by the way, these offers usually expire after a month, make sure you don't forget to redeem it in time!)

3.4oz may not seem like a lot, but for a girl who actually puts the effort in when it comes to her hair maybe, I don't know, once or twice a month, this will last a good amount of time. I set out to go to Ulta birthday gift coupon in hand and another $3.50 off a purchase of 15 dollars or more. I had needed face wash pretty badly since the day of the move and had not gotten around to it until then! I went for my tried and true Cetaphil cleanser and went to go pick up the hairspray. 

I searched probably like 30min before I realized that the product was not on the shelf, just to figure out that they keep it behind the counter. In the bin. That says birthday in really big letters. So a word to the wise, just go straight to the counter when redeeming birthday gifts and freebies offered.

Next stop was Publix, I had a gift card with 8 dollars left on it and decided I would go put it to good use and get myself some mascara. I was going to go for my regular but figured since it was practically "free," I would try something different. Being the anxious decision maker I am, it took me a solid 40min just to pick out a mascara. One does not simply pick one to her liking and head to the cash register, one will read 100000 reviews on all different products. I ended up with a covergirl mascara. I was originally planning on buying more, but after standing there for so long, I was pretty much done.

So how was it?

Sexy Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray-

Uhhhh loved it! I tried this on my first day of my new job. As with any other job you are trying to make a great first impression on your first day. So obvs it had to be a good hair day for me. I sprayed my hair lightly with this and was throughly impressed with how great my hair still looked with this product in it. It looked like I had actual volume to my hair and though it didn't feel stiff, it felt and proved to make my hair stay put all day!

Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara-

This mascara is great. After the first layer, it gave my eyes a totally different look. They looked bigger and my lashes looked longer and plentier! It does not flake throughout the day and there was no clumps to be seen even after layering it. I would definitely suggest this to anyone looking to add serious volume to your lashes.

Ahh, the bliss of new products and though it wasn't a huge beauty haul, sometimes it is better to just get the basics!


8 All Too Real Bilingual Struggles

In many ways I consider myself lucky to call two countries my home. I have a strong sense of self and patriotism towards both of my home countries and love each one in different ways. I also consider myself lucky to be able to pick up languages and understand different cultures with ease because of growing up in a situation where I was always adapting.

How ever there are the struggles of being bilingual, whether it be the weird looks you get when you say something or do something that people don't quite understand. So I made a list of all the #realbilingualproblems I have gone through and I am sure many of you will identify with.

1. Pronouncing words- Sometimes you pronounce words as they are written, it makes sense right? Why would there be an L in salmon if your not supposed to pronounce it? This has gotten me many laughs, among the top "funniest" were the words salmon, oregano, etc.

2. Stuttering- Oh my god, I cannot name how many times I have found myself angry and been venting or ranting and just started stuttering. The words just won't always flow or maybe you throw in some words that aren't English, either way it frustrates me to no end. How am I supposed to be taken seriously if I can't even get a sentence out?

3. Using metaphors that aren't used in English- I will never forget the look on K's face when I told him that there was " a dog buried in this". This is a Finnish saying for something seems off. I quickly realized what I had said made absolutely zero sense to K and he looked at me like I was crazy!

4. Bringing your lunch to school when you were little- This was literally an event at elementary school. I would bring my lunch to school of seemingly normal food to me and my friends would gather around to see what I had that day. Eventually it stopped being funny and became more and more embarrassing. I quickly told my mom I would not be bringing traditional Finnish meals to school anymore. Looking back on it now though, I was lucky to have such good and healthy food at school and sure wish someone was making me lunch everyday in my adult life!

5. Always having an accent- When you first move somewhere. Every time I have lived in America for awhile and talk to someone in Finnish I have an accent or visa versa if I have lived in Finland for a few years and come back to America, I have an accent. There just really is no time when you are winning in this category. 

6. Missing crucial years of language arts in either country- This can seriously mess up what you have learned and how far behind you are. No one thing is the same. A good example of this is my younger sibling, he missed most of his elementary school learning in Finland because we lived in America at the time, so once we finally came back to Finland he struggled talking and writing in Finnish. To this day he still has problems with it and identifies more as a English speaking person than a Finnish speaking person.

7. Never quite feeling at home- When I am in Finland, I want to live here. When I am here I want to be there. I can move anywhere and never not have my heart longing to be somewhere else. It took many years for me to realize that the closest I am going to get to feeling at home is not a location, but a person. Wherever K is, that's where I need to be.

8. Having different views on things- Everyone has their own opinions and they won't always match yours, that's just life. The thing I seemed to run into more is how open minded Finland was compared to America in some things and obviously my political views were greatly swayed by how I was raised. This has lead to more than one very heated conversation. But as the years have gone by, I've realized that everyone is entitled to their opinion and if your opinion isn't something that can be shared without argument, then it shouldn't be shared at all. Of course this does not apply to a goodhearted old debate!

Are there any struggles you have gone through as a bilingual, bi-cultural person?


De-stressing Like A Boss

Finding balance is crucial in life. For what you need balance with varies from person to person, situation to situation. I have been struggling to find balance in my life for quite some time and for the longest time, my life felt not quite my own. It is crazy what your environment, the people you surround yourself with, and the way you think can effect your whole perspective on life.

Yesterday I went to the beach for the first time in quite a while. Once the sun started setting and K was off in the distance with friends, I had a moment to take in just how beautiful that moment was. The waves crashing, the sun setting, and the blissful noise of people going about their day. Life at that moment was stress free and peaceful. 

I urge everyone to take some time out of their schedules, pencil in some me time, go sit at a park, take a stroll in the forest, lay on the beach, become aware of your surroundings. It's crazy how much a moment can bring one to peace in the midst of a stressful time. 

We as a people are way too stressed out nowadays, stress harms your health and your physical well being. 
(check out my post on how to take you first steps to relaxation here!)

Take it easy for once in your life!


I'm Back!

Sorry about the blog silence the past week or two, I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. So many exciting and frustrating things have happened! For example, K and I finally found a place and are all moved in! I will do a post on the place once it is fully put together and presentable, hopefully I won't be living amongst boxes for too much longer. 

I've also found a new job working with children as a teachers assistant and I am stocked to be starting next week. I have always enjoyed working with children and for the first time in god knows how long I will actually get weekends off. 

Weekends off = #grownupstatus

Other than that, moving is exhausting and we didn't end up getting internet and cable until yesterday so that is why I haven't had a new post till now. You guys can rest assured that Amy's impression is still in full swing and I will be returning to regular posting starting sometime in the next couple of days.

 If your looking for something to keep your time occupied in the mean time, check out these posts!


High School Experiences, Unexperienced

Throughout my life I have made some good, bad, and sometimes questionable decisions that have brought me to the point I am at now. I do want to point out that I regret nothing, everything that has happened and the decisions I have made molded me into the person I am today and where I am in life now. But even years after high school happened, I still feel bitter sad about how I missed out on the classic high school experience! I know I should stop dwelling on it, after all I am a grown woman now! But hey, I decided to create a list of just what I do regret missing out on.

1. Prom/Homecoming- But really prom. No one can deny that prom is just something you go to, you may hate it, you may love it, but everyone goes. It's tradition. I however dropped out of high school the moment I turned 16. Even when I was in school, with all the moving around I did, I was never there for homecoming or prom of any sorts. To this day I still think to myself, maybe I should have just stayed in school, if for nothing else, than for prom. K tries to tell me that it wasn't that big of a deal and that I really didn't miss out on much, but hey, every beautiful girl should be taken to a ball, right?

2. Graduation- Since we are on the subject of school, I am going to continue with graduation. I always wanted to walk down the stage in my gown and have my diploma handed to me, to have all my friends and family looking up at me from their seats, thinking about how proud they were of me. This obviously did not happen, but in the grand scheme of things a GED is something to be damn proud of. I don't care what people say, dropping out of school was the best choice for me at the time and a GED is just as good as a diploma. It has never EVER hindered me in my life thus far.

3. Crazy Parties- Now I went to my share of crazy parties, but I feel like I never got to experience the cliche American banger. I've been to parties that I guess you could say are comparable, but it wasn't  the real deal. Either way at the end of the day, they seem pretty lame, but it's the experience that counts right?

4. Monumental field trips- I'm not talking about the ones where you go to your local aquarium or to some historical landmark near by, I am talking about the big ones. Like for example, the school year following one of my moves quite a few years ago, my whole grade went to Chicago. Now I have been to Chicago quite a few times, but it was just the fact that I didn't get to take that obnoxious 7 hour ride in a school bus, I didn't get to bunk with my fav girls, I didn't get to experience that with all the people I had grown up with.

5. Senior prank/nerd day/ any other themed day- In Finland we did not really have themed days where everyone in school dressed up. Nor did I get to participate in America for the senior prank seeing that I wasn't in school and all. I still hear people reminiscing all the time about how funny their senior prank was, or how much fun they had on national skip day.

6. Developing lasting friendships- I still have friends I talk to every once in a blue moon on facebook, but moving back and forth so much, you don't really get the time to truly connect with someone. I have had so many good friends along the years that are just faces on my newsfeed nowadays. I guess you could say that it is partially my fault. I don't reach out anymore than they do, but still it is sad to see how someone I referred to as my best friend, is now living a life I couldn't tell you anything about.

In the grand scheme of things, missing out on these experiences isn't all that big of a deal. It does still make me wonder how my life would be different had I chosen a different path in life, but at the end of the day I can look at K, the dogs, the life I've built and think to myself, damn girl, you really do have it all. So sure I might not have a high school diploma, but I graduated my GED with honors, I  might not still stay in touch with most of my friends I made along the way, but I sure do love the ones that are still in my life today. Sure I didn't get those cliche high school experiences, but I am making new experiences every day. 


Review for Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner

Do you ever get that dry static hair that just decides to cling to everything each morning? Making your morning routine more and more frustrating, wondering what you have done to offend the hair gods for them to wish this upon your hair. I had been dealing with this problem for quite sometime, it just wasn't making sense to me how living in such a humid climate like Florida, could cause my hair to be so dry and angry.

A little background info on how I treat my hair:
  • I rarely, if ever use heat tools on my hair. Even when I blow dry my hair, I do so on a cold setting.
  • I recently invested in a brush that will cause less damage on wet hair if I brush it.
  • I use serums from time to time to try to give my hair some extra moisture
  • Other than that I use a handful of products like hairspray, dryshampoo sometimes, and gel to tame my flyaways.

So in the grand scheme of things, one would think that I have very well taken care of hair. The only damage I cause on purpose is when I dye it, even so I only do it once every 5-6months. Yet my hair had turned into a static frizz ball that could not be contained. I had two options, I could either use some kind of deep moisturizing mask on my hair or I could opt for a leave in treatment. 

I set out to publix with my new found hope to tame my hair. As I was browsing some hair products (which can be surprisingly overwhelming sometimes btw) I narrowed down my search to aussie products. I am after all a girl on a budget, I did not venture into this thinking I would spend more than a few bucks, I just couldn't afford it at that time. Luckily all aussie products are low cost for a realatively if not surprisingly good quality. I ended up picking aussie's hair insurance leave-in conditioner.

So how was it?

After showering I generously spritzed this in my hair, concentrating on mostly on my ends. I sprayed a little at the top of my head which always makes me nervous, with such thin hair it does not take a lot of product to go from tame to greasy looking.
After giving it a quick cold air blow dry and a quick brushing, I saw that my hair looked more lively. It was shiny, it looked healthy and moisturized, and last but not least, no static! Nor was the top of my head feeling weighed down or looking greasy, this was awesome! For 5 dollars I got my hair completely tamed! Even when my hair is dry, I like to spritz some of this in my hair just to give it that revitalized look to it.
Truly through and through this product did exactly what I wanted it to. I feel like even once summer truly starts here in Florida and the humidity starts up that I will still be able to use this with my hair, it is so lightweight. I will definitely be adding this to my hair arsenal!