Your Diet Could Explain More Than You Thought

These past few weeks have not been proud moments for me. I stopped doing my daily walks that I had started not that long ago, I started eating nothing but unhealthy processed food, and my water consumption became less and less. This happens every now and again and I guess you could pin it on being a regular busy, stressed, 20 something year old! Of course I felt more sluggish than normal and felt very unmotivated but what really shocked me was that I was feeling more anxious more often. It didn't really hit me until K and I decided to have a no spend week and ate at home for a week. I noticed that I was feeling better and not feeling so claustrophobic all the time, I was truly happy and anxiety wouldn't even cross my mind throughout the day!

 I couldn't honestly name the last time that had happened in the past 7 months. 

Once I got back into this trash food slump I noticed that of course, my body fell back into the situation it was in before. It occurred to me that just because you are not rapidly gaining weight or feeling super sick, should mean that you can eat whatever you want and not feel the consequences. My body was literally pleading for some nourishment. 

I did some research online to see if there was science to back up the link between anxiety and your gut health, and there it was, those facts were staring back at me from the screen. 

I knew that the chances of me completely re-hauling my diet were slim to none, I am young and enjoy food, I am just not willing to cut all that crap food out of my life. I do however need to make sure that my body is receiving all the nutrients and proteins it needs to function regularly, if not for my physical health, then for my mental health. 

What was I going to do? What kind of plan would work for the fast food loving me but also for the healthier version of me? I came up with a game plan and I was dedicated to stick to it!

1. Drink more water- This is an obvious first step, your body needs water to function. I stress this so much in so many of my posts, yet I still find it a hard rule to follow myself.

2. Being more aware- Even if this just meant reading the nutritional facts on the back of the food I was planning on preparing. Just to see the dietary fiber content, the protein content, and any other content I should be aware of. I'm not going to go all crazy and start dictating what I am eating constantly, I just wanted to be more aware of what I am putting inside my body.

3. Eating more veggies- I found my body actually craving leafy greens and carrots! I have always loved vegetables but noticed what a lack there was in my daily diet. I have made it a point to include veggies on my plate whenever they are available.

4. Cutting the caffeine- I have made my cutoff time for caffeine earlier, this ensures that my body has enough time to get into rest mode before it is actually time to lay down. I noticed that I would absently continue drinking caffeinated drinks, sometimes even being ignorant to the fact that some of these drinks had caffeine in them to begin with!

5. Eating more lean proteins- Chicken and fish are great for you, yet I found that my meals consistently did not revolve around these proteins. So I decided to make an effort to include them more and more in my day to day eating.

6. Snacking- Snacking the right way was huge. Changing that cookie or late night ice cream to toast and bananas really made a difference. Also when you snack smarter, you stay full longer!

7. Take the time to move- No matter how unmotivated I became, there is really no reason why taking 15-30 min out of my day should have not been priority. I felt so good taking that stroll in the morning and it really just set my day off right. To do it at least 5 days a week is my new goal!

Little things can truly make the biggest of differences in your day to day life, don't be ignorant to the state of your body, and always remember, your body is your temple!

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