Work Place Harassment

Harassment in a workplace is probably the most annoying and disgusting thing I have ever had to encounter. I don't usually bat an eye if I get cat called, whistled at, etc. I don't give those kinds of people the time of day. If that's how someone wants to attempt to pick up a girl, they are going to be sad lonely men for the rest of their lives. But when someone brings that same obnoxious behavior into work and acts like it's okay to conduct themselves in anything other than a professional matter, it gets out of hand. 

I had an issue at my relatively new job where this guy thought it would be okay to flirt with me and touch me in any manner. Of course I told him quickly that I am in a happy long term relationship and that he needs to back off, but of course he kept coming at me persistently at times. Now I am a relatively easygoing person and will have a lot of patience with people but when this persisted to be a month long problem, I started to feel upset.

How many times would I have to tell the same person to stop?

Not to mention K was starting to worry and was growing more and more upset with every recap of my day that included said person. 

 One day it came to a head, as K was picking me up from work this guy decided to run after me! In the parking lot, at night, when for as far as he knew, I was all alone. I nearly had a heart attack when I heard someone running at me and after realizing who it was, I was livid. I screamed at him " What the F*** do you think your doing!" I turned back around and got into the car. Man I thought I was angry but K, well he was a different level. 

He was threatening to get out of the car and go say something, he was understandably worried about my safety at work. He proceeded to tell me how he doesn't feel comfortable with this at all, after all, how could he? There were men running after me from work, in a dark parking lot. We agreed that it was time to take this to a manager.

The next day I had told a coworker about this situation just for him to tell me that 3 other girls had complained about the same guy! I decided maybe one more and this guy would be out of here. I went to talk to the manager and explained to him that not only is this a uncomfortable work environment for me but it is also starting to bring problems into my home life. He nodded his head and agreed with me but when I asked to remain anonymous, I was told that "he'll know it was you." I'm sorry what? Not only was this person not being fired even though he has had multiple complaints, but now he was going to be informed that I was the one who complained, therefor creating a very hostile work environment for me to work in. I left feeling sick to my stomach and anxious, for as many people as hated him, there were just as many who stood by him.

I was convinced I would get dirty looks and snarky comments. That was not the kind of work environment that I would want to work in. Why was I essentially being punished for speaking up for myself and ensuring a comfortable work situation

Why is this still a problem in today's world?

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