Top 8 Tips To Get You Falling Asleep And Resting As You Should

I have had the hardest time falling asleep lately. Last night I found myself laying in bed fully energized at 4 in the morning, thoughts of why I can't fall asleep and why this is exactly the reason I get so anxious about bedtime. I've had a love hate relationship with sleep for the past 6 or so years, I either cannot for months go to sleep and stay asleep or on the flip side, fall asleep blissfully at 11 or 12 and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

In the past few months however, things have kept getting worse. It is a nightly issue that I can't fall asleep. Thank god I recently decided to become unemployed while looking for a new job, there is really no way I could function under the circumstances that I am under!

But I would never write a negative post if I didn't have some tricks and pointers to share with my fellow readers who are going through the same thing. I have done hours of research (staying up till four really gives you time to do these things!), I have asked other people about their favorite ways to relax and sleep, and my personal opinions:

1. Do not use your bed for anything other than sleep and intimacy- This might just be the root cause of what has been causing my sleep problems. I have been staying with family since K and I moved back from Oregon, so the guest room is our living room, dining room, and bedroom put into one. When your brain associates your bed with other activities other than sleep it can easily confuse the purpose that you are laying there for. In other words, if at all possible stay out of the bedroom and make it strictly a calm and sleep environment!

2. Try to cut off the caffeine earlier- You can not expect to feed your body sugar and caffeine and it not react how it would when you do the same thing in the morning. When you drink coffee in the morning and throughout the day you are trying to accomplish feeling more awake are you not? Why would you send the same signals and resources to your body when it's time to shut down? Studies have shown that you shouldn't consume caffeine after noon but if that is not an attainable goal then aim to have your last caffenaited drink six hours before you go to bed.

3. Get moving- Try to get a walk in every day for at least 30min, fresh air and sunlight not only energizes your body when it is appropriate but will more likely make you more tired once the day is through and therefor you will begin to fall asleep sooner rather than later.

4. White noise- Or any relaxing noise. There are so many white noise apps out there for free now. The one I have has a wide range of noises to listen to, all of which put me in a very calm state of mind. K's mother also found out that when she listens to a humidifier it puts her right to sleep. She does not actually have one but instead plays the sound over youtube! There are so many resources to use with modern day technology.

5. Don't stress over it- I know sometimes it impossible to stop thinking about how you only have blank amount of hours before you have to wake up in the morning, but if at all possible try to let those feelings go. Tell yourself that it is perfectly fine if you don't fall asleep or if you do. Convince yourself that you don't care, maybe even think to yourself that you are going to force yourself to stay awake. Studies show that this will actually confuse your brain and it will start sending you body signals of being tired? Science is weird.

6. Try to develop a bedtime routine- This means establishing a bedtime as well. You need to establish a routine that lets your body and brain know that you will be going to sleep soon.

7. Make sure your bed is inviting- Are you sheets soft and is your blanket fluffy, is you bed inviting you to sleep in it? The same goes for the whole bedroom, you have to make that space feel like the kind of space you would love to sleep in, check out my post on some ways to feng shui your space!

8. Last but not least, step away from the electronics- I should practice what I preach here. The blue light that emanates from your screen can actually cause melatonin to not produce properly. This could actually be a main culprit in what is keeping you awake, and if you just can't put your technology down, try to turn down the screen brightness all the way if you can bear it. Less is more.

Do you have any tips that work for you?

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