Que Bella Pore Minimizing Mask Review

A while back I did a post on Que Bella face masks that I had recently purchased (find it here!) and realized I had yet to try the pore minimizing mask that I had! Oh how you forget about things that are deep in the depths of some random odd boxes you chose to never sort through! After coming home one day from work, exhausted and cranky, I decided it was definitely time for a face mask and a little pampering. My skin always acts up by the end of the work week, as much as I try to take care of my skin everyday, I do tend to neglect it through diet, water consumption, and sleep. 

What can I say, no one is perfect!

All of the sudden I remembered this face mask that I had never tried and went on quite the mini-adventure to go find it. Eventually after 5-10 minutes of rummaging through boxes I came across it and slathered it all over my face. 

Description of the product as found online on Que Bella's Website:   
"The Que Bella Pore Minimizing Mask can be used as a full facial mask or targeted T-Zone treatment. Enriched with Rosemary and Cottonseed oil’s antioxidant qualities, this works alongside the cleansing and clarifying properties of Nettle extract to soothe sensitive skin, while the Camphor Extracts boosts the circulatory system. Iris Extract, Vitamin A and Zinc Salt soothe and rebalance your skin, leaving a refreshed, smooth sensation."

I got the same tingling (almost burning sensation) that I had gotten from the dead sea mud mask, but it was more mild. I realized it was tingling excessively in spots that my skin probably had the most dirt and dead skin cells, which quite frankly I was cool with. I love to feel the face mask at work! After rinsing it off I noticed that a few stubborn pimples had almost totally dissipated and redness had overall gone down a lot. My skin had a sort of glow to it after washing off the dull skin that had reflected my long week! My skin felt smooth and looked so happy.

In Conclusion: I would totally suggest Que Bella masks to anyone and everyone looking for a skin pick me up! It is affordable, efficient, and it is the perfect ending to a rough week!

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