Easter Traditions?

Easter is tomorrow! So get ready for some good food, candy, and quality family time. It is still kind of weird to me how all out K's family goes every Easter and what traditions they have. Now I had my own traditions growing up in a Finnish environment, so it took some getting used to when I started being included in K's family gatherings and celebrations.

 1. Easter gifts- This was completely foreign to me! You actually get gifts on Easter just because it is Easter? The first real Easter I spent with K's family, I ended up getting a basket full of summertime accessories and clothes. This was of course a welcome surprise but I still can't wrap my head around the fact that this is a tradition that happens every year!

2. The level of pressure to go to church- On Easter, if you are any kind of believer, you will go to church with the whole family. Now I was raised Lutheran but God was never a big deal under our roof. If you wanted to go to church, my mother was more than happy to have someone to go with her. It was just one of those things that if you wanted to go, good for you, if not, doesn't matter. K's grandmother being the religious person she is, will always, every year, go down fist swinging about whether or not we would be attending church that year.

3. Easter egg hunts- Now whenever I have lived in America as a child I took part in this, but all the years we lived in Finland we never did. It just wasn't a thing and we just never did it. I loved Easter egg hunts when I got to take part but if it wasn't on the roster that year, hey, I could live without it.

4. Ham- Ham being the main protein for Easter dinner, again mindblown. I just assumed ham was for Christmas just like turkey was for Thanksgiving. But I have been surprised before with K's family, like for instance, pasta is always an entree at a Christmas table. 

5. Always, always, always outdoors- There is very rarely, if ever, an Easter gathering planned indoors. Having the mostly beautiful weather we do in Florida, you can count on every person taking advantage of this. More often than not, Easter will always have water activities involved, whether that be a pool, the beach, slip'n'slide, or even a sprinkler. 

Not all traditions are different though!

1. We dye our eggs just the same- If we got around to it, we would dye our eggs just the same as every other family. I used to love activities that bring people together, it's just so rare nowadays.

2. Chocolate- Enough to give any child a sugar rush! Chocolate bunnies were of course the most prized candy of Easter.

Do you have any traditions that you do every year for Easter? Weird or traditional, I would love some ideas!

Pastel pink nails? I think yes! P.S. Don't judge the pink panther pj's!


  1. I love hearing other people's holiday traditions! And I wish we could count on doing everything Easter related outside. While this year we lucked out, last year our egg hunt was inside.

    1. It was a close call this year with rain almost ruining it but we ended up having a beautiful sunny day :) count on florida to keep you on your toes!