Dry Skin Isn't Just For Winter

Growing up with eczema was the worst. All throughout my childhood my most prominent memories would be being lotioned up to look like a "snowman" and then getting dressed, absolutely squirming with discomfort because of the clothes sticking to my lotion covered body.  I knew it was something I needed to do to keep the painful rashes and scabs from forming on my body, but once the eczema calmed down, I lost sight of caring about moisturizing my skin.

Now throughout the years I have had a few flare ups but it has never gotten to the point it did when I was younger. I went through my teenage years thinking I had conquered my dry skin problems. Now being older I realize there was plenty of times my skin could have used a little TLC. My skin still gets very sensitive especially around my eyes and nose, my arms still get tender to the touch as does the rest of my skin. I have become so much more aware that I cannot just stop caring for my skin when it isn't flaring up, it has to be a continuous process! 

Same goes for all skincare, you cannot just abuse your skin when it is feeling great, it is all about maintaining. So what do I use to keep my body moisturized and happy?

First Things First...

HYDRATE!- Your body needs to stay hydrated if you want to keep your skin looking glowing and healthy. no water = dull skin. Not to mention the multiple other benefits of water, better digestion and energy!

Suave Advanced Therapy- This has been a tried and true lotion for me, I have been using it for probably about 4 years and it has worked great. It really soothes my dry skin and it starts healing your skin relatively fast, also it does not feel greasy forever which is a huge plus for my lotion skin hating self!

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion-  My new favorite lotion! I started using this a few months back and was so very pleasantly surprised! First things first, the smell of this lotion is nothing special but for some reason it provides me with a special kind of nostalgia that makes me feel calm. Another thing is that this never makes me feel greasy and is super light, it never feels heavy going on and feels like it's not even there 5 minutes after application. Healing happens fast and there is no unpleasant stinging effect when applied onto dry skin. Definitely would suggest this to anyone that has dry skin!

Dial Marula Oil Bodywash-  Now Dial is not my favorite soap at all, quite frankly I hate it all together due to personal associations lol. But this bodywash works miracles, I truly feel like it restores moisture to my skin. On the flipside it can leave me feeling a little soapy even after rinsing off, I guess it leaves a sort of residue behind.

Olay Ultra Moisturize Bodywash-  Another safe bet, tried and true. This bodywash leaves me feeling clean and fresh, never leaving behind a residue.  My skin never feels tight or irritated after using this and it is quite the bargain too, usually around 5 to 6 bucks. 

All the products listed above are attainable on a budget and all very low priced. Bargain shopping for eczema at it's finest folks!  

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