Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Shine Control Face Cream

We all know the bittersweet feeling of scraping out the last bit of product at the bottom of it's container. On one hand we know it is time to say a sad goodbye to a product we (hopefully) loved and cherished for its time spent at our beauty station, but on the other hand this opens up opportunities to meet new and possibly better products that are just waiting to be grabbed off the shelf! Am I the only one who gets weirdly emotional about this? Just kidding!

But on a realer note I did run out of my last fav face cream (find the post here!) and it was time to find yet another contender! I had been thinking about a product called lumene for quite some time now and reminisced how great it used to make my skin feel back in the day when I bought it in Finland. I looked it up and saw that you can find it rather easily at stores like: CVS, Walgreens, and Ulta. 

So the thing with Lumene creams are that they are a little pricey. The garnier face cream I had the last time only cost 7 bucks I think, this one was 20! It hurt a little but I decided to move on with my purchase anyway. This is for science! 

First the description on the Lumene website for the product:

A fresh and moisturizing formula combines antioxidants from Wild Arctic Cloudberry and Vitamin C, which is highly effective due to a special encapsulation technology. The technology enables the Vitamin C to be released steadily and deeper into the skin making the benefits of Vitamin C even more effective on your skin. In combination the Cloudberry and Vitamin C make your skin look radiant and bright. They also protect it against harmful external effects, such as sunlight, that causes premature aging. This Vitamin C Cream is a perfect addition to a brightening daily regimen.
My Thoughts: having used this for about a week now I would like to say that I am very impressed! I love the way it makes my skin look and feel, also I like that my foundation goes on very smoothly after applying this and waiting about 5 min. It does an excellent job at controlling shine with areas like my T zone and nose. It makes my skin look happier, healthier and most of all doesn't seem to be causing any more acne or havoc on my face. The one thing I will say is that it does not work well for severely dry skin! I had a bit of eczema pop up around my eyes and I found that this product does sting a lot when applied to the area. Probably my guess would be because of the fragrance in the product. Other than that I might have to become a habitual buyer of Lumene skincare products!!!

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