Aluminum Foil For Dryer Sheets

I spend more time than I would like to admit on Pinterest. I love the idea of having so much information, diy projects, and ideas right at my finger tips at any given time. My most favorite things are mostly things to do with budgeting and home improvement, because hey, who doesn't love pinching pennies where we can.

Recently I stumbled across a pin claiming that if you are out of dryer sheets you can use aluminum foil balls to substitute for it. It supposedly is supposed to break up the static and make your clothes more manageable after drying. We have not had many dryer sheets lately as we have been staying with a family member who does not deem dryer sheets necessary. Every now and then K and I will buy our own, but there has been more than one instant where we have been doing some late night laundry and found that we have none left.

If there is one thing you should know about me...

I hate static. It may have been the numerous winters in Finland where my hair would always dry up and become staticy or maybe it was the feeling of static clothes clinging on to my body that made me so untolerable to static, but it is just about the worst feeling in the world. I guess we all have our pet peeves.

So anyway, I decided to give this whole aluminum foil thing a whirl to see if it was something I could use long term in an effort to save money on dryer sheets. 

 It worked fairly well on a small load, it was by no means perfect. I still had a bit of static in my clothes but was thoroughly surprised at the results. All it took was three small aluminum foil balls! I used them on about three more loads. Then came the time of a real test, I usually do huge loads to minimize laundry time. I mix in pj pants, shirts of all kind, jeans, etc. You name it, I combine it. I repeated with the aluminum balls and once the dryer was done, well, it was like I had done nothing to it at all. It came out just as it would have if I had put nothing into the mix with my laundry. Disappointing to say the least. 

So in conclusion to my Aluminum dryer sheet test- I'd say its far fetched that I would ever replace my dryer sheets with these, but I wouldn't rule out using this as an alternative when I have no dryer sheets left. They work great on small loads but not well at all on larger ones. It was worth a try! Maybe I will find another alternative eventually!

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