Why Everyone Should Visit Finland

So awhile back I wrote a post about why you should visit Oregon and you guys really loved it so I thought I would do one about my home! In this post I will go over all the reasons I believe everyone should visit Finland! ( I will try my dandiest to be unbiased!)

So Why Should You?

1.  Finland is beautiful year round- You really get the whole four seasons in Finland and each one is unique in it's own way. Summers are breathtaking and winters are phenomenal. Although I have seen all seasons multiple times throughout my life, I still find myself surprised every time the time comes around. It is amazing.

2. Although quiet, the Finnish people are very friendly- At first glance one would think that Finnish people were mute. The problem is we don't do small talk, we talk when we have something to say, no more, no less. It took myself almost 3 years to get the art of mindless chatter down, even to this day I still find it difficult to socialize as Americans do and I have lived here half my life.

3. Finnish food- Now our traditional dishes might sound odd to you, but if you ever have the chance to try some Finnish home cooking do not miss out. We have some of the best pastries, soups and casseroles one could even imagine. We also have many weird dishes but trust me, even they are tasty!

4. Diversity- You want to see the sea? Alright. You want to go skiing in the mountains? no problemo! Since it only takes about 15 hours I think to get from one end of Finland to the other, nothing is ever THAT far away. I guess I did just drive cross country recently so that trip seems like a hop, skip, and a jump for me! 

5. No one has really heard of it- So far 90% of people I meet have no idea where or what Finland is. The typical answer is a confused smile and a "huh... Finland" I would like to consider this a blessing of sorts, since we are not a major tourist spot, you get to experience Finland as it is and not as a tourist area would allow you to see, if that makes any sense. You will experience authentic Finland, with authentic food, and authentic people, and it will be an experience like no other.

6. Last but not least, Sauna- Finnish people get through their day knowing there is a sauna night waiting to happen once they get back home. There is nothing better than walking in the door, grabbing a cold beer and going to sweat your butt off. Bonus points if you have a window facing a forest for added authenticity. Extra bonus points if you brave the cold in the winter and run out into the snow naked out of the sauna and roll around in snow.

(Photo: found here)

I guess this list could go on and on about why you should go to Finland, but do I really have to?

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