What My Face Is Lovin Right Now

So for Christmas K took me on a shopping trip to Ulta (he knows me so well!) and I was on a mission to find some new facial products. As a quick fun fact, did you know your only supposed to keep your foundation for a year? Want to know another fun fact? Because I used BB cream pretty religiously on a day to day basis I somehow neglected to notice that the foundation I was using whenever I wanted a fuller coverage was indeed, 4 years old.

Anyways, my acne prone skin has been an issue over the years. I'm not saying it couldn't be worse because my case is pretty mild compared to most but still even the smallest of imperfections can make a woman feel much less confident. I figured I could use some new foundation to better work with this issue as well.

So here is what I found!

(covergirl clean pressed powder, Neutrogena skin clearing oil-free makeup and ecotools bamboo foundation brush)

So what did I think of these products?

Covergirl clean pressed powder: I love it, I got it in a slightly darker shade than normal thinking I would catch a tan after my recent move to Florida (of course it got chillier so that never happened) So my only complaint of this would be that it is too dark for my skin. It gives great coverage and last all day long, finally I don't feel like I look shiny half way through my day. All around a very nice powder.

Neutrogena skin clearing oil-free makeup: Love love love! I had read reviews on this product and I will join in when they say it works great for acne prone skin. This particular one actually treats your acne as your wearing it so no more worrying about messing up my skin more than I already am! I can put this foundation on my face and not worry about it and this gives great coverage. Some reviews said that it moved around throughout the day but I noticed if you dab it on instead of rubbing it into your skin it will stay put all day long.

Which brings me to...

Ecotools bamboo foundation brush: I have wanted a foundation brush for quite some time now but being broke and trying to save money, I hadn't gotten one until now. This one was only like 6-8 dollars so no it is not too bad. I personally love this brush, again I read other reviews saying it makes your foundation streaky when applying but the trick is to dab it into your skin and I promise you will be happy with the end result. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

My 2016 is off to a great start, I hope you all have had as good of a year so far. I feel big things coming in 2016 and truly feel that this could be one for the books!


  1. Hi, Amy! Thanks for linking up with us at Friday Finds and Favorites. I also updated my makeup over the holidays. I'm still decluttering old stuff...It's crazy how much you can accumulate. Enjoy your weekend! <3

    1. Thank you for hosting! It was my first link up and you made it so easy and simple (: