The Detangler

I don't know about you guys but my childhood was plagued by many memories of having my hair brushed as a child. I was always very keen on showering, I'd like to say more so than most kids but it was what would inevitably happen afterwards, it would be hair brushing time. I had a few things working against me with this, not only did I have long hair but my parents would dry my hair with a towel which resulted in the worst tangles you could imagine. Detangler did not work all that great and every brushing session would end with me upset or crying, vowing that I would never let my parents brush my hair again.

I finally became old enough to brush my own hair but was still riddled as to how to brush my hair without feeling like I am going to rip all my hair out. I tried brushing it before the shower, brushing it in the shower, trying to whole combing thing, you name it I have tried it. Over the years I developed my own technique as to how it worked the best for me.

About a week ago I went to Ulta in hopes of finding a wet brush (find it here) after hearing that it eases breakage while brushing after showering and overall just makes it into a happier experience.

Unfortunately I could not find the brush anywhere. I was determined to get a brush anyway and stumbled across this beauty.

Essentially the same thing, this brush is called the detangler. I was skeptical at first about how well it would work at first. I had been disappointed so many times before. I kept my expectations low and rushed home to shower. Well guys, it was amazing. I put my usual hair products in my hair after showering and ran this brush through my hair. Now no product is fool proof, there was times when it didn't just glide through my rat's nest of a hair but it was a game changer. I saw much less breakage than normally and I was done brushing my hair in a matter of a minute. It was amazing, the first thing I told K is "Why did it take them this long to make this, no woman ever shall suffer from brushing their hair again!" So yeah I guess you could say I was super excited.

In Conclusion

If you have suffered through years of long hair I would definitely recommend this to you. It really does make a world of difference!

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