Cheap Hair Finds For The Budgeted Girl

I sometimes truly wonder how people are able to afford buying new products every single day/week to write a post about. Some of these girls are buying 40 dollar lipsticks just cause or maybe they just have huge stockpiles? Who knows! Well guys, that is not me, I have a budget. When I buy things I look for two things, quality and cost. I just simply cannot see myself spending half my rent on products I use on myself.

So today I will be giving you guys a deeper look into what hair products I found on a dime at Ulta!

Let's get started.

Renewing argan oil of morocco weightless healing dry oil- 

What the description is:This exotic precious blend of Moroccan argan oil spray instantly infuses hair with an allover veil of shine, heals and mends split ends, gives color and highlights a multifaceted glow and prevents static flyaways. This exotic precious blend of Moroccan argan oil weightless healing oil spray, instantly heals split ends, creating soft frizz-free perfection while protecting your hair from harmful styling heat and UV damage as it gives a smooth, glossy, shine.
  • Restores moisture
  • Weightless glossing mist instantly hydrates dry, parched hair
  • Helps heal split ends
  • Infused with argan oil to add allover veil of glossy shine

So the reason I picked out this particular product is because I had tried it once before. I am notorious for testing other people's products while at their house. K's mom had this on her sink and I spritzed some in my hair just to try it out. It instantly added shine to my hair which in turn made all the different shades of blonde in my hair become very prominent. After buying this I did some deeper trials and applied some on the ends of my hair after showering because at times my hair seems to lose all it's moisture there. After my hair dried it was as good as new. It looked healthy, moisturized and happy and at the end of the day a good hair day is all that matters right?

Find the shampoo here and the conditioner here for $3

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner- 
 So this shampoo/conditioner is supposed to make your hair gradually become lighter while nourishing your hair. Now I would say it does lighten my hair which is nice because this will extend the period of time between hair dyeing. Now the nourishing part I feel a little iffy about. The shampoo works well but I feel like with the conditioner I have to mix in my regular conditioner  to feel like I moisturized my hair properly. When I used just this conditioner, I noticed that after drying my hair, I had some problems with static. So overall I would still suggest it just make sure to add some different conditioner into the mix if you are prone to staticy hair!

So all in all with my $3.50 coupon off a ten dollar purchase or more, I got all this for around 10 dollars, how baller is that? Us women should stick together and share our cheap finds, so if you've found a great product on a dime, let a girl know!

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