A Look Inside My Phone!

Sometimes I find myself completely enslaved to my phone, there is just too many good apps out there that keep me glued to my phone screen for hours and hours. I decided to let you guys into my world of crack apps and why they are the best of the best!

Pinterest- Do I even have to elaborate? Pinterest is a place where I go and check out from life completely. There is no jumping on real quick and just checking it out. Pinterest is perfect because it basically has the best of the internet all in one place and easy to navigate categories. Also super easy to personalize so that the things that pop up on your newsfeed are actually relevant to what you like. I'd like to thank pinterest for giving me new ideas for food, decor, hair, makeup etc.

Clash of Clans- Is it even cool for a person my age to be so invested in these games? Who cares! Clash of clans is a super awesome game where you can build a clan town and fight with your troops. I know this may sound pretty lame but trust me, its addicting. Also had to give it a try considering it was created by Finnish people and I love to rep my home country! 

Bloglovin- Probably the best place to find blogs that interest you and a good way to stay on top of trends and what's in now. Some of the blogs I love to read the most, I found on this very app. Also a good place to get more exposure for your blog!

Duolingo- Am I dreaming? Duolingo is a completely free, easy to learn language app. They have a pretty good variety of different languages. I am currently learning French and by week two I was speaking somewhat fluent sentences. It also has a reminder to make sure you keep on top of learning and daily goals you can set for yourself!

Pocket Mortys- I saw a commercial for this late at night on adult swim. It looked terribly stupid at first but after K downloaded it and I saw strong resemblances to the OG pokemon games I had to give it a try. This is day 2 and I have been playing it almost non-stop. Enough said.

Gas buddy- This is probably the most useful one of all. Gasbuddy tells you the gas prices all around your area so that you can try to find the cheapest gas available without having to drive around aimlessly. This came in clutch on our road trip and works awesome as a everyday app.

I hope I'm not the only one who is so young at heart when it comes to phone apps and games! Is there any apps that you are completely addicted to?

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