Why Everyone Should Visit Finland

So awhile back I wrote a post about why you should visit Oregon and you guys really loved it so I thought I would do one about my home! In this post I will go over all the reasons I believe everyone should visit Finland! ( I will try my dandiest to be unbiased!)

So Why Should You?

1.  Finland is beautiful year round- You really get the whole four seasons in Finland and each one is unique in it's own way. Summers are breathtaking and winters are phenomenal. Although I have seen all seasons multiple times throughout my life, I still find myself surprised every time the time comes around. It is amazing.

2. Although quiet, the Finnish people are very friendly- At first glance one would think that Finnish people were mute. The problem is we don't do small talk, we talk when we have something to say, no more, no less. It took myself almost 3 years to get the art of mindless chatter down, even to this day I still find it difficult to socialize as Americans do and I have lived here half my life.

3. Finnish food- Now our traditional dishes might sound odd to you, but if you ever have the chance to try some Finnish home cooking do not miss out. We have some of the best pastries, soups and casseroles one could even imagine. We also have many weird dishes but trust me, even they are tasty!

4. Diversity- You want to see the sea? Alright. You want to go skiing in the mountains? no problemo! Since it only takes about 15 hours I think to get from one end of Finland to the other, nothing is ever THAT far away. I guess I did just drive cross country recently so that trip seems like a hop, skip, and a jump for me! 

5. No one has really heard of it- So far 90% of people I meet have no idea where or what Finland is. The typical answer is a confused smile and a "huh... Finland" I would like to consider this a blessing of sorts, since we are not a major tourist spot, you get to experience Finland as it is and not as a tourist area would allow you to see, if that makes any sense. You will experience authentic Finland, with authentic food, and authentic people, and it will be an experience like no other.

6. Last but not least, Sauna- Finnish people get through their day knowing there is a sauna night waiting to happen once they get back home. There is nothing better than walking in the door, grabbing a cold beer and going to sweat your butt off. Bonus points if you have a window facing a forest for added authenticity. Extra bonus points if you brave the cold in the winter and run out into the snow naked out of the sauna and roll around in snow.

(Photo: found here)

I guess this list could go on and on about why you should go to Finland, but do I really have to?


A Look Inside My Phone!

Sometimes I find myself completely enslaved to my phone, there is just too many good apps out there that keep me glued to my phone screen for hours and hours. I decided to let you guys into my world of crack apps and why they are the best of the best!

Pinterest- Do I even have to elaborate? Pinterest is a place where I go and check out from life completely. There is no jumping on real quick and just checking it out. Pinterest is perfect because it basically has the best of the internet all in one place and easy to navigate categories. Also super easy to personalize so that the things that pop up on your newsfeed are actually relevant to what you like. I'd like to thank pinterest for giving me new ideas for food, decor, hair, makeup etc.

Clash of Clans- Is it even cool for a person my age to be so invested in these games? Who cares! Clash of clans is a super awesome game where you can build a clan town and fight with your troops. I know this may sound pretty lame but trust me, its addicting. Also had to give it a try considering it was created by Finnish people and I love to rep my home country! 

Bloglovin- Probably the best place to find blogs that interest you and a good way to stay on top of trends and what's in now. Some of the blogs I love to read the most, I found on this very app. Also a good place to get more exposure for your blog!

Duolingo- Am I dreaming? Duolingo is a completely free, easy to learn language app. They have a pretty good variety of different languages. I am currently learning French and by week two I was speaking somewhat fluent sentences. It also has a reminder to make sure you keep on top of learning and daily goals you can set for yourself!

Pocket Mortys- I saw a commercial for this late at night on adult swim. It looked terribly stupid at first but after K downloaded it and I saw strong resemblances to the OG pokemon games I had to give it a try. This is day 2 and I have been playing it almost non-stop. Enough said.

Gas buddy- This is probably the most useful one of all. Gasbuddy tells you the gas prices all around your area so that you can try to find the cheapest gas available without having to drive around aimlessly. This came in clutch on our road trip and works awesome as a everyday app.

I hope I'm not the only one who is so young at heart when it comes to phone apps and games! Is there any apps that you are completely addicted to?


Has It Really Been A Week!?!

Has it really been a week since I last posted?
 God the last week has been a whirlwind of poo! I caught this nasty cold that has been making it's rounds on my family and friends and I can honestly say that was probably the sickest I have been in years! I was literally laying dead in bed for the majority of time, cursing the world for bestowing this nastiness onto me. Luckily now I am feeling worlds better after starting antibiotics but now K is sick! What a time to be alive.

So yeah, that would just about sum up why there has been a week long blog silence, I do apologize guys. What can I say, sometimes life happens am I right?

Now that I am feeling better things should be getting back on track with this here blog.

So when the cold season is upon us, just a friendly reminder from me to you folks:

1. Carry around some handsanitizer
2. Stay away from sick people when you can
3. Stay hydrated
4. Waste no time going to the doctor's and getting some antibiotics

 P.S. If you have dogs who are major chewers, may I suggest these beauties from petsmart?


Cheap Hair Finds For The Budgeted Girl

I sometimes truly wonder how people are able to afford buying new products every single day/week to write a post about. Some of these girls are buying 40 dollar lipsticks just cause or maybe they just have huge stockpiles? Who knows! Well guys, that is not me, I have a budget. When I buy things I look for two things, quality and cost. I just simply cannot see myself spending half my rent on products I use on myself.

So today I will be giving you guys a deeper look into what hair products I found on a dime at Ulta!

Let's get started.

Renewing argan oil of morocco weightless healing dry oil- 

What the description is:This exotic precious blend of Moroccan argan oil spray instantly infuses hair with an allover veil of shine, heals and mends split ends, gives color and highlights a multifaceted glow and prevents static flyaways. This exotic precious blend of Moroccan argan oil weightless healing oil spray, instantly heals split ends, creating soft frizz-free perfection while protecting your hair from harmful styling heat and UV damage as it gives a smooth, glossy, shine.
  • Restores moisture
  • Weightless glossing mist instantly hydrates dry, parched hair
  • Helps heal split ends
  • Infused with argan oil to add allover veil of glossy shine

So the reason I picked out this particular product is because I had tried it once before. I am notorious for testing other people's products while at their house. K's mom had this on her sink and I spritzed some in my hair just to try it out. It instantly added shine to my hair which in turn made all the different shades of blonde in my hair become very prominent. After buying this I did some deeper trials and applied some on the ends of my hair after showering because at times my hair seems to lose all it's moisture there. After my hair dried it was as good as new. It looked healthy, moisturized and happy and at the end of the day a good hair day is all that matters right?

Find the shampoo here and the conditioner here for $3

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner- 
 So this shampoo/conditioner is supposed to make your hair gradually become lighter while nourishing your hair. Now I would say it does lighten my hair which is nice because this will extend the period of time between hair dyeing. Now the nourishing part I feel a little iffy about. The shampoo works well but I feel like with the conditioner I have to mix in my regular conditioner  to feel like I moisturized my hair properly. When I used just this conditioner, I noticed that after drying my hair, I had some problems with static. So overall I would still suggest it just make sure to add some different conditioner into the mix if you are prone to staticy hair!

So all in all with my $3.50 coupon off a ten dollar purchase or more, I got all this for around 10 dollars, how baller is that? Us women should stick together and share our cheap finds, so if you've found a great product on a dime, let a girl know!


What My Face Is Lovin Right Now

So for Christmas K took me on a shopping trip to Ulta (he knows me so well!) and I was on a mission to find some new facial products. As a quick fun fact, did you know your only supposed to keep your foundation for a year? Want to know another fun fact? Because I used BB cream pretty religiously on a day to day basis I somehow neglected to notice that the foundation I was using whenever I wanted a fuller coverage was indeed, 4 years old.

Anyways, my acne prone skin has been an issue over the years. I'm not saying it couldn't be worse because my case is pretty mild compared to most but still even the smallest of imperfections can make a woman feel much less confident. I figured I could use some new foundation to better work with this issue as well.

So here is what I found!

(covergirl clean pressed powder, Neutrogena skin clearing oil-free makeup and ecotools bamboo foundation brush)

So what did I think of these products?

Covergirl clean pressed powder: I love it, I got it in a slightly darker shade than normal thinking I would catch a tan after my recent move to Florida (of course it got chillier so that never happened) So my only complaint of this would be that it is too dark for my skin. It gives great coverage and last all day long, finally I don't feel like I look shiny half way through my day. All around a very nice powder.

Neutrogena skin clearing oil-free makeup: Love love love! I had read reviews on this product and I will join in when they say it works great for acne prone skin. This particular one actually treats your acne as your wearing it so no more worrying about messing up my skin more than I already am! I can put this foundation on my face and not worry about it and this gives great coverage. Some reviews said that it moved around throughout the day but I noticed if you dab it on instead of rubbing it into your skin it will stay put all day long.

Which brings me to...

Ecotools bamboo foundation brush: I have wanted a foundation brush for quite some time now but being broke and trying to save money, I hadn't gotten one until now. This one was only like 6-8 dollars so no it is not too bad. I personally love this brush, again I read other reviews saying it makes your foundation streaky when applying but the trick is to dab it into your skin and I promise you will be happy with the end result. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

My 2016 is off to a great start, I hope you all have had as good of a year so far. I feel big things coming in 2016 and truly feel that this could be one for the books!


The Detangler

I don't know about you guys but my childhood was plagued by many memories of having my hair brushed as a child. I was always very keen on showering, I'd like to say more so than most kids but it was what would inevitably happen afterwards, it would be hair brushing time. I had a few things working against me with this, not only did I have long hair but my parents would dry my hair with a towel which resulted in the worst tangles you could imagine. Detangler did not work all that great and every brushing session would end with me upset or crying, vowing that I would never let my parents brush my hair again.

I finally became old enough to brush my own hair but was still riddled as to how to brush my hair without feeling like I am going to rip all my hair out. I tried brushing it before the shower, brushing it in the shower, trying to whole combing thing, you name it I have tried it. Over the years I developed my own technique as to how it worked the best for me.

About a week ago I went to Ulta in hopes of finding a wet brush (find it here) after hearing that it eases breakage while brushing after showering and overall just makes it into a happier experience.

Unfortunately I could not find the brush anywhere. I was determined to get a brush anyway and stumbled across this beauty.

Essentially the same thing, this brush is called the detangler. I was skeptical at first about how well it would work at first. I had been disappointed so many times before. I kept my expectations low and rushed home to shower. Well guys, it was amazing. I put my usual hair products in my hair after showering and ran this brush through my hair. Now no product is fool proof, there was times when it didn't just glide through my rat's nest of a hair but it was a game changer. I saw much less breakage than normally and I was done brushing my hair in a matter of a minute. It was amazing, the first thing I told K is "Why did it take them this long to make this, no woman ever shall suffer from brushing their hair again!" So yeah I guess you could say I was super excited.

In Conclusion

If you have suffered through years of long hair I would definitely recommend this to you. It really does make a world of difference!