Winter Updates

I am one to constantly be worrying about my finances, I will never buy anything without feeling remorse over it, even if it's necessities like groceries. This is a lifestyle I have adapted to since I moved out on my own for the first time. I always think that money I spent on something could have been better spent. But there are some days that I feel like I have earned it, for example I went and got K and I some starbucks! 

K always makes fun of me for getting a cold drink even in the middle of winter. My favorite happens to be the very berry hibiscus, it is so tasty and if my hands ever get cold holding it, well, I'll just ask to hold K's steaming hot cup of mocha! That's what those special someones are for right? ;)

 I don't know about you guys but I am finally getting into the holiday spirit, I added Christmas radio to my Pandora and have been listening to it all day long, no shame. 

Braids are totally acceptable when you are in no mood to deal with your hair, K loved the change of pace and I definitely would add it as a go-to look this winter!

Speaking of winter, is anyone else having a super hard time with dry skin? It seems like no matter how much lotion I smear on my face it still remains flaky. So I grabbed this cream from walmart in the hopes that it would revive my skin!

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