Why Everyone Should Visit Oregon

I figured since my time here in Oregon is coming to a close I would round up a list off all the awesome reasons you should visit Oregon at some point in your life. Oregon has to offer beautiful scenery, a wide variety of foods and shops, and I am quite convinced you will never feel like you have breathed fresher air (unless you have been to Finland, but I may be slightly biased!)

1. The Goonies- I don't know about you guys, but when I first saw the movie Goonies when I was just a youngin, I watched all through the credits just to see where it was filmed. The beach in the Goonies is actually Cannon Beach, about an hour and a half from Portland. Granted when I went there it was by no means "swimsuit" weather but it was absolutely gorgeous, I was in shock and in awe of how beautiful this place was. If you ever come to Oregon this would be one of the things you must see, they also have some cute little restaurants by the shore that you should definitely give a try!
(Cannon Beach)
2. The hiking- Literally there are hiking trails everywhere! Oregonians love to hike and I must say I have never been more physically fit. Anywhere you go there are trails as far as the eye can see, look out for the hidden gems as well! The trail that became our go-to ended up being something we just happened to drive by and spot!
3. Summer- Summers in Oregon are amazing! There is so many outdoor things to do. With Oregon's abundance of rivers, one of the most loved summer activity is tubing in the river. K and I bought two tubes from walmart and I think we only ended up paying 20 something dollars and had a whole summer of fun. Our particular ride was about 4 hours and with snacks prepared and drinks ready, we comfortably floated down the river catching some rays.

4. Camping- So many camping spots to chose from, we ended up camping at Crater Lake which is just about the most amazing thing I have seen here other than The Gorge. They had great campgrounds with great trails nearby, also they accept you bringing your dog. Just make sure to look at the weather before you go, since it is in the mountains, even if you have a 80 degree day, you may end up sleeping in 30 degree weather!

(Crater Lake)

(Columbia River Gorge)

5. Downtown Portland- Known for their food carts and overall melting pot of people, downtown Portland does not disappoint. They hold festivals and events all the time as well so you can bet that you will never not have something to do while you are there. Some of my personal favorite spots are Powell's books, Sizzle pizza, and the abundant coffee shops!
So these are just my top 5 but you best believe this does not even begin to cover the half of it!
I hope you guys are starting to get into the Christmas spirit as much as I am!

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