What I Have Been Loving Lately

A girl can never have enough face mask's if you ask me. I love to pamper my skin every now and again and always love to try new, affordable, luxurious mask's to help erase the stress on my skin. 

I recently found the Que Bella mask at target and grabbed two of those convenient little packages right up in my cart. I had never previously heard of the brand but it  was so decently priced that I had to give it a whirl.

Here are the two I bought:
(worth noting: The packages look small but I got three full uses out of these bad boys!)

Que Bella replenishing dead sea mud mask: I tried this one first since I felt as though I would get a deeper cleaning with this! I put it on and at first was a little surprised that I felt a slight burning sensation? Considering I have had worse burning before I did not mind it and actually it stopped burning maybe two min into me having it on. I also found the smell of this particular mask very soothing and relaxing. After washing the mask off, I noticed that my skin did indeed look almost revived and very soft to the touch. Overall I was very happy with the results.

Que Bella pore minimizing mask: Well I have not tried this one yet, I have been trying to save it! 
Here is the full description they give on the product at quebellabeauty.com-
"The Que Bella Pore Minimizing Mask can be used as a full facial mask or targeted T-Zone treatment. Enriched with Rosemary and Cottonseed oil’s antioxidant qualities, this works alongside the cleansing and clarifying properties of Nettle extract to soothe sensitive skin, while the Camphor Extracts boosts the circulatory system. Iris Extract, Vitamin A and Zinc Salt soothe and rebalance your skin, leaving a refreshed, smooth sensation."
 Also reviews on this product are great. I have yet to stumble upon a bad review for either product!

Conclusion: I would definitely suggest this to anyone who loves a good face mask, spoil yourself for the cheap and get it done guys!

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