The Story Of My Dumpster Dog

On June 12th 2013 I received a call from K saying his manager had found a puppy in a dumpster who was now in need of a home. I was initially hesitant to take in another dog but at the very least we were going to nurse him back to health. When we went to go pick up the puppy we had no idea of what condition he was in. As soon as I saw him my heart broke into a million little pieces,

Someone had left him to starve, the poor guy was flea ridden, hungry, pile of skin and bone. How could anyone do this to an animal, let alone someone who is incapable of fending for themselves? We figured he was around 2-4 months old, about the same as our lab/mastiff. Our lab was so eager to play with the little guy and this little one definitely had a little sass in him! 

We started with a regimen of feeding him beans, egg, rice and chicken every 2-4 hours to bulk him back up and get some weight back on him. We also gave him some Trifexis and Capstar to help eradicate any problem he may have with worms or fleas. 

Potty training was rough, he would do his business right on the floor or smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk, but hey, it was a learning process. 

He soon gained his energy and started gaining weight. He had a heart of gold and got along with anyone and anything you put in front of him. We gave him the name of Bradley after K and I's favorite band's singer. He quickly became a part of the family and I cannot imagine my life without our two little furry babies.
I hope that people will wise up and understand that having a pet is a lifetime decision, you cannot give up or mistreat any animal. If you get tired of your pet you cannot just abandon them in a dumpster. Every dog deserves a fighting chance with a family who loves them unconditionally. It breaks my heart to see pets who are left at shelters and are often overlooked because they are too old and not a puppy. 

Our healthy little loved baby

Spoiled as he should be!

Two of my favorite things on this planet

This post is to show that "one man's trash is another man's treasure"

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