Tea Party Time

So on my first day back in Florida I had promised to attend K's family's annual women's tea party. I had pretty successfully dodged it for the past 3 years or so, I have just always seen it as a social anxiety situation waiting to happen for me. They are all very nice women and I love them all but sometimes they can be a little much when all 20 of them are stuck into the same room! 

To make matters worse...

I hadn't gotten to bed before 3am the night before! I woke up that morning feeling like I had been hit by a train. Nonetheless I pulled myself together, put a smile on my face and got dressed. Lucky K got to sit back at home and relax for a few hours. I feel like now, even two days after the fact, I have been nonstop since we got here. I had to push this blog post back two days before I could even begin to work on it! 


The tea party was being held at a place called the Tea Room, easy to remember and fancy to a fault. It was very elegant and kind of had a homey feel to the whole place, it was really quite lovely. It was nice to get the all the women in the family into one place so that I could see them all after an 8 month long break from moving to Oregon. I feel as though I had never even left, it was great to feel so welcomed.

We started out with some peppermint tea and some vanilla chai tea. I was quite worried seeing as I am not a tea drinker really, I mostly stick to coffee and even that is a relatively new habit. I love love love sweet tea on some ice but this was my FIRST warm cup of tea. It was so good, I honestly liked it a lot more than I initially thought I would. 

Next came the food. Now I will let you all know now that I am a huge eater, always have been. So when they brought these itty bitty little sandwiches and tarts I was a little bummed that I would still be hungry after this. I had skipped breakfast in the hopes of having a good meal here, no such luck. I was also slightly worried that there would be some etiquette that I was not aware of as to how you should eat these treats but luckily for me, if there was, no one else was aware of it either.

All in all it was a really good time! Tomorrow I finally have most of the day to do nothing and relax for the first time in what feels like weeks. Just in time to recharge my batteries before Christmas!

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