Road Trip!

So if you have visited my blog in the past, you may know that I was set to take off on a cross country journey starting Monday! I am currently on route from Oregon to Florida and it has been quite the trip so far. I told you guy's I would be updating every day but I couldn't live up to that promise because last night I was so pooped and it was so late by the time we got to the hotel. Today I will be going over day 1 and day 2 of my trip so far and boy has it been rough.

So day 1...

We set off on the wrong note. K and I had been bickering back and forth all morning probably because we were tired and stressed out and we also had a late start... The plan was to leave by 10 but we didn't get onto the highway until about 12.30! We always have a tendency to leave later than we have originally planned.
So Anyway!

We were determined to get to our first destination which was Twin Falls, Idaho and had expected a relatively smooth trip. I had anticipated a few flurries and was told I should be fine with my all-season tires. So here is what ended up happening. After getting out of Oregon, we ran into a horrible death trap of a highway and it was snowing like crazy! We were slipping and sliding with our all-season tires that were supposedly meant for this (Never take anyone's word on this! Get some snow tires or tire chains!) So we had to slow down to 25mph and it added about an hour to our overall trip. There were cars in ditches, semi trucks flipped over and everyone generally being very cautious. We finally did make it to the hotel. After further investigation we saw that Wyoming (our next stop) is going to have a huge snowstorm over the next few days, we decided to reroute our whole trip. Doing this at 2am at the hotel was not ideal and heads were going to be lost at any moment.

(Eastern Oregon)
(eastern Oregon)
(We had chik fil a for the first time in 8 months, it was a picture worthy moment. Note to the wise there is none in Oregon! Looking worn and tired at this point!)
Day 2

Last night we figured if we go straight down Nevada, into Utah, to Arizona and so on and so forth, that we would only be adding a few hours we would probably lose anyway if we took our chances through a blizzard. So we found a nice Laquinta in Saint George, Utah and decided to post up!

I had no idea

How beautiful Nevada was! I had seen a lot of beautiful sights on the way to Oregon but Nevada definitely rivaled anything I had seen so far. The vast nothingness and mountains was breathtaking! I highly suggest everyone to drive through sometime. Now Utah... Where do I start. I feel like people have been getting ruder and ruder every state we get further away from Oregon. Drivers have no concern for other people and it was just a big mess of people cutting each other off! Utah also has very bumpy roads for the first 50-75 miles when you enter through Nevada. 


So all in all, so far so good. We will definitely be a day wiser every time we head out on a new morning. Life is a learning process. Yay for making memories (:

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