Kate Spade Walk On Air

As much as I enjoy a cold snowy winter it was nice to be able to throw on a bathing suit today and go enjoy the beach.

So over Christmas I got this from K's mother:

It worked out so well considering I was in dire need of a good perfume! I've been rocking body spray as my only smell good for far too long. 

This perfume is not only the cutest bottle EVER but has an amazing fresh smell to it that lasts all day. As the website describes:
  • a light, white floral mix of lily of the valley, magnolia and crinum lily
  • top notes: linden blossom, maiden’s hair fern, solomon’s seal, calabrese bergamot, tunisian neroli
  • heart: lily of the valley, magnolia grandiflora, egyptian jasmine, narcissus absolute orpur
  • base notes: crinum lily, white iris, violet leaf absolute orpur

If your looking for something to kick up your game, I would definitely say that this is what your looking for. It has a light enough scent to where you can wear it to any occasion daily and leave people wondering why you smell so nice ;)

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