Why Legalization Would Be A Huge Step Forward For Our Economy

I have lived in Oregon for the past 8 months and I have noticed that people in the northwest have a very liberal look on life and guess what? It's working for them folks. Oregon has raised it's min wages up to 9.25 which is a huge difference from the 8 dollars most of the country has set it as. Public transportation in Portland is much more reliable and nicer to use. People are insanely active, happy, and the environment is so clean. I literally have never lived in a city where everything looks so put together. They are thriving

One of the things that largely contributes I think is:
Back in July the legalization of recreational marijuana came in to effect (people would be dropping dead with heart attacks if this EVER happened in Florida.)

 Oregon established early on that if weed became legalized:

  • 40% of tax revenue would go towards schools
  • 35% would go to state and local police 
  • 25% would go to drug treatment and prevention

That is huge! If we could have all that extra money going towards something like schools, why is it even still a question? I think as a country sometimes we tend to focus on the wrong issues and sometimes we have such a strong stigma towards things.

 First year of legalization in Washington:

Revenue was 70 million.  

 Let's look at the facts over in Colorado:

After being legalized for a year in Colorado, the city of Denver saw a major decrease in crime, unemployment rates decreased, and huge economic growth!
With all this extra revenue they are also working on scholarships to help pay for school, making it an actual possibility for kids to receive a higher education when coming from backgrounds that can't support that lifestyle.

We need to bring our economy back up, we need to stop sending hundreds upon hundreds of people to jail for something as tiny as possession of weed, we need to start improving our schools now so that our kids can have a chance to better their education, we need to find more jobs for the unemployed and get kicking. We need to forget our preconceived notions on marijuana and look at the hard cold facts here. 

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