My View On Vitamins

A few years back I went to a regular check-up at a new doctors office, I forgot what the circumstances were as to why I went to that particular doctor instead of my regular primary physician. Anyway! The moment I stepped into the building, I had a strange feeling about it. There were flyer's for botox and liposuction and most of the people walking in and out of the office had some serious work done on their bodies and faces. I am not judging but this was a little odd seeing as I was just coming in for a check-up and not any cosmetic work. 
Then I met the doctor...

She walked out into the reception area wearing the shortest freakum dress I have seen on a lady her age and some serious cleavage jumping right at your face.

Despite my reservations of the reliability of this visit, I followed her into her office and explained how my life was going and if I had any symptoms I wanted her to look into. I told her I felt pretty okay other than feeling fatigued. She immediately asked me if I was taking vitamins and once I answered no she promptly set me up to go get some blood work done to test my levels.

Fast forward a week...

I come back and she asks me if I am stressed. Of course I am stressed! I am young, living on my own, working my butt off, I have anxiety, and I am trying to keep a brave face through it all! Who isn't stressed in the world that we live in. 

Turns out my cortisol levels were off the chart, I was D-vitamin deficient, and B-vitamin deficient. She explained to me that this is the reason for my fatigue and could also be affecting my digestive system, clarity of my skin etc. 
So she gave me a sheet with an ideal diet, recommended doses of vitamins, and a walking schedule (to reduce my cortisol levels.) 

After the first month of doing this routine I felt loads better, I was waking up feeling more up to take on the world and also everything else physically seemed to be going a lot more smoothly.

( I did not however go see her again because she was not the right fit for me)

 I eventually slowed my roll with the routine and sometimes I even forget to do it at all for months at a time, but I still know when I am feeling down in the dumps to take some vitamins.

There has been speculation as to if vitamins are even necessary for a person to take, and some freak out about the fact that vitamins don't have to be FDA approved, but I say if it makes you feel better why not. But do keep in mind vitamins won't make-up for a shitty diet. If you are not nourishing your body with healthy foods rich in vitamins, exercising, and making sure that you are out in the sun everyday for at least a little while, vitamins will not work miracles on you.

In other news my weekend starts now! I am so ready! Time to throw on some pj's, cuddle up in bed, and watch some netflix!

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