My Very First Black Friday Experience

Living in Finland for over half my life somehow I had avoided taking part in black Friday. Every year I would read in the news how people went crazy and chaos was imminent as I comfortably laughed at how ridiculous these people were. I mean if we must take part in such a crazy tradition, why not just save yourself the trouble and shop online? So naturally when this Thanksgiving Day came around I had no intention whatsoever to take part in this madness. 

I woke up today not so ready to take on the day feeling tired from the night before (K had some surgery done Saturday and I have been caring for him ever since.) Nonetheless we were excited to be grubbing down on a thanksgiving meal and spending some quality time together! Then it happened, I don't know how, but somehow the subject of an xbox one came about and we found ourselves looking up the best black Friday deal for one. It was happening, I was going to be taking part in the madness I had been laughing at for years.

Here is what happened:

Arrival- I was hyped up on the way there, I figured if we were really going to do this, we were going to do it right. No shenanigans, head straight back into the electronics section in walmart, and try to keep wounded K from getting even more wounded. At this point I started to worry that this was not a good idea in his situation but there was no convincing him now. The parking lot was packed.

5 min into it- So huge backup at the front of the store for dollar and change towels. No worries, we are doing this, We got this, ain't no stopping team K and A now. 

10 min into it- This confidence has quickly faded, I have seen the crowd of people in the electronics department, I am becoming scared, help me. We find the Xbox one only to find out that there is a specific line somewhere in this god forbidden store and no one has the slightest idea where it is. So many associates put us on a wild goose hunt throughout this store, so many people are blocking every direction. I see K starting to get into a mild panic, we both hate crowded stores.

15 min into it- Found the guy we needed to find, he gave us a voucher. So we didn't get it today, at least we got it for the price we wanted it. Now we had to make it to the check out line.

20 min into it- Why can I not get through to a check out line?!? Why is there tape blocking every aisle like this is some sort of crime scene? I briefly consider climbing over peoples carts to make my way out of here but quickly decide better not, I am not that nimble.

25min into it- Phew! Made it to a cashier! We are out and done. I tell K to go ask an associate when we can come pick up the Xbox, they inform us that we have misunderstood and we could have one right now! Nice! We grab our Xbox and we were out of there!

 Conclusion- For now I am saying that I will not take part in this again but I think I know somewhere deep inside that I will. Maybe next time I will do it online, who knows!

I hope all of you are having a great thanksgiving! 

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