My Dogs Hate Each Other!

( I hope this post does not make anyone fear dogs, truly, my dogs are the sweetest thing to ever face this planet, but just like with people, some dogs just don't get along!)

I live with two dogs that hate each other.
How did this happen?

About 3 years ago K and I had a friend who's dogs had just had a litter of puppies and they were now up for sale. Of course me being the type of girl I am, I immediately started trying to convince K about all the ways we NEED a puppy. 

Of course we got our baby in the next following days.

We made our way to our friends house and started to get acquainted with all the puppies. K wanted a brown girl puppy, I wanted a boy. So anyway this one in particular caught our eye and us thinking it was a she we brought her home. Soon after we came home and were exploring the outside with her, we realized she was a he. YES! I was so ecstatic this was exactly what I had been hoping for.

For the next year and a half we lived happily as a one dog family. We took him to dog parks, we fed him the best foods we could find, we gave him all the love we had to give.

One day I got a call from K saying that his manager had found a dalmatian puppy that someone had chucked into the trashcan (my heart sank.) They were not going to be able to provide him a home so K thought why not? Lets make our family of 3 a family of 4. 

For a year and a half more our puppies were inseparable.

Soon our lab started having fits of anger towards the dalmatian puppy, he would grab him by his scruff and growl but K and I were quick to put a stop to it when it happened. This all started when we had to have them at K's brothers house for a month in between moves. I am not quite sure what happened during their time there that made them become more aggressive but something did.

One day it happened. The dalmatian retaliated and it was a full blown fight, and K was at work. 
The lab is a 70 pound dog and the dalmatian is not small either, of course I made every effort I could to get them separated. I poured water on them, I tried putting objects in between them, finally I bit the bullet and grabbed them and tossed one across the room and the other one stayed with me. By some miracle they did not continue, and by some miracle I had gained superpowers for a moment. I called K in a panic, crying, not knowing how to cope and he ran home to come calm the situation down.

A few more fight erupted in the weeks following, every time I got them separated in time with only a few cuts and scars. 

Then it happened...

 By some miracle up until this I had managed to come out of every fight with maybe only a minor scratch on me. But this time I foolishly was careless with my hands and the lab ended up chomping down on my hand. I want to state now that I take 100% responsibility for this happening, I stupidly put my hand directly in the line of fire between two dogs who were trying to kill each other. Luckily my hand was released fairly quickly and I won't go into detail about the rest of the fight but it was not pretty. By some miracle I got them separated once again even with two deep cuts on my hand causing me agonizing pain. I put one dog in my car and left the other at home and raced to the hospital.

After this we decided to keep them separated every time K left since this seemed to only happen when he was not home. They seemed to be doing just fine with him and for the next 3 months we had only 1 incident.

Then it came time to move to Oregon. We drove here and the trip was a week long with both the dogs in the car right next to each other, only separated by a cooler, for hours at a time. But thank the heavens, no incidents.

 Eventually after living here for awhile we decided we needed to keep them separated 24/7 it was just not being fixed no matter what we tried. 

Behavior modification training is the next option, it is not cheap though so we are in a saving period to get it done. I have never lived with two dogs that have hated each other so much. I am at a loss as to what to do and quite frankly I feel extreme anxiety over this often. Maybe one day this will get resolved.

 Research shows the two males are more likely to fight than mixing a female and a male in one household. Sure wish we would've known that before!

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