Lazy Halloween

What did I do for Halloween?
Absolutely gloriously nothing.
I spent Halloween being cozy, dressed up, having a movie marathon and it was awesome. I felt almost obligated to dress up this Halloween due to the fact that the past few I did not due to either being too busy, nothing going on, etc. So this year I decided to be a leopard! Being on pinterest constantly you find yourself some pretty cool DIY costumes that really take zero effort at all so I thought why not.

So this is what I ended up looking like!
(I had a plan to make some cat ears but crabbed out!)

I wish I would have taken a picture of the closeup but what can I say, hindsight 20/20.

This look was super easy to do and I would def do it again in a heartbeat first opportunity I have to wear it again!

So I started...

With a base. I used a heavier foundation for better coverage instead of the BBcream I normally wear. I topped it off with some concealer and some powder to set it in which gave me a flawless canvass for me to start drawing on.
But before I started all the drawing...

I needed to add a little color to my face it being so pale and all. When I bought the foundation I had in the picture above this one I was much paler so I ended up looking pretty ghostly. I had this Estee Lauder bronzer that I added to my cheekbone area, above my eyebrows and at my jawline. 
I did a dark brown on my lids and mixed in some gold tones to give me the right color, I also did a cat eye eyeliner and colored in my eyebrows. At this point I got a little worried with the overwhelming amount of eye shadow I had on being that I am not used to wearing this much. I felt like a 15 year old again. Luckily Kevin reminded me not to judge until the finished product was done.

I used the Almay intense eyeliner for the cateye and also for the spots. For the spots I just did a bunch of different sized ones around my face and colored them in with a brown eye shadow and some with gold to give it a two tone effect. I had planned on doing my whole face but for some reason it just wasn't looking right when I tried so I added a little twist and just put it on half my face. I also used this boootiful color on my lips to give the look some extra umph. 

I also conveniently had a leopard dress stashed in my closet from a h&m trip from last summer that fit like a glove into this outfit.

So once this was all said and done I set up our candy bowl for the tricker treaters and cuddled up with my man and some beers for a horror movie marathon on netflix.
We ended up watching babadook, the taking of Deborah Logan, and Circles.

I have to say Babadook was a little creepy but nothing we couldn't handle but definitely worth the watch. 

The taking of Deborah Logan was one of those paranormal movies, I would have to say that this was my favorite of all three movies. It had just the right amount of scare factor and I have to admit that I took a break because that movie was just a little too in my face. I don't know if the rest of you ever get that feeling when you are watching a scary movie but that has always been a problem for me because I am a very anxious person.

Circles was more of a thinker and kind of dragged out also missing a climax. 

So folks that was my super awesome Halloween experience. Maybe next year I'll go to a haunted house?

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