Coca-Cola Conflict

I have read quite a bit on the negative impact drinking soda everyday does to your body. I will be the first to admit that I have a serious problem when it comes to soda. When I am feeling quenched I don't think of a tall glass of ice water, I think of an ice cold coke. Every morning I go to work I stop by a gas station or drive-thru and grab myself a soda, that is roughly a dollar a day, maybe two. I am spending 8 dollars at most on soda on my way to work and guess what? I don't feel all that great.

I have always been a huge fan but I guess it really sparked when I started making my own money years ago and was in control of what I bought. My mother rarely had soda in her house, she knew we did not need to have a daily dose of caffeine like that nor did we have to let our teeth rot out at such an early age.  I can honestly say I never really felt like I was having any side effects from my indulges until recently. I noticed my stomach was getting upset, I would get a headache when I hadn't had a soda all day, all around I would feel like trash all throughout the day.

Why am I doing this to myself?

I started looking up how other people were going about cutting soda out of their diet, now I know for a fact that I will not quit completely, I am not in the business of not enjoying my life every now and again

So I set up a little 3 day trial run to see how I would do:

Day 1- Have a few Gatorade's ready to go in the fridge, I figure as long as it is not soda it is a step forward. I have a cup of coffee before I leave to work and grab my Gatorade on my way out the door. By the time I pass my usual stopping point I am already feeling the want to stop and grab a dollar drink but I stay strong and drive past. All in all day 1 was pretty successful!

Day 2- Again I start my morning, shower, breakfast, coffee, makeup, grab Gatorade, out the door. This morning as I drive I did not feel the need to stop at all. Later on in the day I realize that my stomach feels awesome whereas normally it would be feeling not so happy. Even later on I notice that I did not get my regular headache from lack of soda, I credit this to the Gatorade. By dinner I realize how badly I am craving a soda to go with my dinner. I practically asked K to leave mid dinner to get me one. I have a problem. Still I hold true and Day 2 down.

Day 3- Painless drive to work, no craving on my way to work! Throughout the day I realize my stomach feels even better than it did yesterday. I am also noticing that I am feeling more tired than usual? I don't know if this is something that could possibly be due to lack of carbonated drinks but either way I make it through the day. By the time I get home, K and I decide we want to go to Wendy's. Game over! There is no way I have enough self control to go through a drive-thru and not order myself a tasty drink. It kicked me in the butt too later on, I felt almost nauseous afterwards. Whatever it was the last day anyway!

Conclusion: I think I could live without soda. I definitely know that I feel better when I am not drinking it for the most part. I think I am going to cut back to 4 sodas a week. I think that is a good starting point, hey we all got to start somewhere!

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