Why Cetaphil Became My Front And Center

A while back I posted a my nighttime routine post explaining how difficult my battle with my skin has always been. It seems like nothing I use makes much of a difference or on the other hand may help for a while and then my skin just goes right back to what it was. I have found products along the way that do work as well as one could hope, but I will never stop looking for something better! 

So I was at walmart the other day returning a ponds cold cream that I had bought earlier on in the day. I had heard such great things about it and hello mad men had an episode on it for gods sake so I had to try it, on top of it all it was the last one so it had to be a sign right? A little after I got home I opened up the container to find  that someone had dipped their finger into it, bummer. I tried to convince myself that it was no biggie and that I could just scoop out that part but my inner germaphobe came out and I decided to return it. I looked it up online to see if it would be a decent price at target so that I could just swing by there to get a new one, and that is when I found the reviews. Now I don't usually base my choices only by reading the reviews, there has been plenty of times that I have ended up getting something and loving it, but these reviews were all the same, change of ingredients has made this product into a mess. 

Nonetheless I made my trip to target because I knew one way or another I was going to need something the replace the ponds I was returning. As I walked into the target it was the same problem as always, target is a drug and everything in there is absolutely something you want. I needed the best self-control I had to give to make it into the beauty aisle without impulse buying for something I did not need. Upon arrival there it was, the never ending aisle of decisions, luckily I have a technique that some would see as an enormous waste of time, I research. I pick out a few and then look up the reviews for each item. This time cetaphil won me over.

So far so good.

Now I have only had this for about a few weeks but so far it is amazing. Makes my whole face feel so clean without that annoying tight skin drying feeling. Much to my suprise it does actually very effectively remove my makeup and whatever it does leave behind is removed with my toner. 

Putting it to the test: I had this monster of a pimple that decided to call my upper lip home for the past week and would not go away for the life of me, but with just a few days of using cetaphil it started to disappear right before my eyes. Could have been coincidence since it had been there for a week already but I truly would like to believe that it was to the help of this. It is too early to say if this is the right cleanser because it does take your skin an average of four weeks to start seeing results. 

Final answer: As of right now, I would suggest this to anyone who is struggling with acne. Works well with sensitive skin and no over drying!


  1. Cetaphil is my favorite. I also like the Trader Joe's facial cleanser. Try that if you ever want to mix it up :)

    1. I'm always looking to mix it up! Thank you for the tip, I will definitely go check it out!