What's In My Purse And What It Says About Me.

Is it just me or are lazy Sundays the bomb? 
I hope everyone is taking advantage of this Sunday as it should be taken advantage of. I am a selectively lazy person, I will work my butt off during the week but come weekends I am done. There are some weekends where of course, I will go hiking, take a trip to the beach, or do something else fun, but sometimes you just got to veg out in the comfiest pants you got!

My choice for today:
 Super bargain from Ross!


This post is about what is in my purse. What I cannot live without. What without, I would be nothing!
I believe a woman's purse and it's contents speaks for their personality. Are you high maintenance? Do you carry your whole makeup arsenal in your purse? Are you a workaholic? Do you carry around a purse big enough to hide a whole village in it?
What does mine say?

My pride and joy!

I got this at charming charlies and it was truly love at first sight. First let me say I did not know about Charming Charlies until a few months back I happened to stumble across one of their stores. This place is like the heaven of all things accessories! You walk in and everything is color coded, this not only makes it so much easier to find something you will like but is just so pleasant to the eye. 
If you have a store near you I urge you to go meet your soulmate store.

 The basics:

1. I have my car keys, house keys and other miscellaneous keys all on a hook.
 2. I have 3 pens and a notepad of sticky notes, I have a serious problem with being over prepared.
3. My handy-dandy wallet, it has served me well in the past few years.
4. EOS lip balm



1. I carry my sunscreen everywhere! With skin cancer lurking in the family history, I am not taking any risks!
2. Body spray, I love smelling like a field of flowers! 
3. Lighter, well I do smoke on occasion, stupid I know.
4. Odor remover, for said reasons above I do need to deodorize my car! Having two dogs in the car can take a toll as well! 
5. Handsanitizer, in the past I used to work with kids and with kids come germs. I learned real fast to keep handsanitizer ready to go.

Last but not least I always keep a few different shades of lipstick in my purse!

So I guess in conclusion you could say my purse pretty much defines me as a person, prepared for everything but messy as anything ( referring to all the trash floating in my purse not pictured above!)

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