Stay Smart, Exercise Your Brain

It's no secret that physical fitness is essential to feeling good and staying healthy in the long run, diets combined with an exercise regimen are good to have, but are you forgetting something important? We need to exercise our brains! By exercising your brain you can reduce your cognitive decline, letting you age more gracefully.

 So what exactly can you do now to help you keep your mind young and sharp?

Exercise- Not only is this good for you but it can do wonders for your brain! There was a study that showed that older men who did  aerobic exercises tended to use the more important and relevant parts of their brain when needed, they also had a shorter reaction time. So what does this tell us? exercising will help you stay sharper in old age and decrease that cognitive decline.

Play games- The options are limitless! Grab a sudoku book, play some chess, make your brain think on a daily basis. Doing these activities can immensely help you improve on your problem solving skills. Lumosity is also a great app to get, they have a wide variety of games to help exercise your memory and attention!

 Read more- Not a day goes by when I don't read the news, blogs, books, or even just check my facebook. Reading is a good stretch for your brain, a good warm up and a good cool down activity.

Learn a new language- If you were lucky enough to be born bilingual, you have this in the bag. Bilingual people have been proven to be smarter, it improves your cognitive skills and also helps decrease your chance of getting dementia. There is this awesome FREE app called Duolingo that lets you learn a language for no cost at all. Just download the app, pick your language and cruise through the different lessons. This is actually how I started learning french! Duolingo teaches you to write, pronounce, and read a different language.

Feed your brain- Just as a healthy diet is essential to your physical fitness, it is essential to your brains health. Feed your brain by eating foods that are high in protein and Omega 3. 

So now that you know how, make sure you are keeping that mind of yours sharp! Your 80 year old self will thank you later!

 "Brain power improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise."

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