My Must-Have Fall Favorites

I am a huge fan of summer, summer is beach time, summer is warm, summer is beautiful, summer is life. But then when I look in my closet and I see my beautiful fall boots looking back at me, I am glad that it is finally cool enough to break those bad boys out. Over the years I have owned many shoes and lost many due to vicious little puppies chewing them to bits (R.I.P every pair of cute shoes I have owned to date.) But now that my dogs have been trained, I have rebuilt my arsenal slowly yet surely. 

Here is a list of my must-have fall clothing to look cute and chic all fall long!

  1. My heeled fall booties- I am in love with these shoes. I love the lace up factor and they are high but not high heeled enough for me to feel freakishly tall. I am 5'9 already so I really don't feel the need to have any extra added height. I forgot where I got these from but knowing me it was probably payless because I am never willing to drop much on a new pair of shoes (this is something I learned throughout losing all those shoes that I mentioned earlier!)

2.  A lightweight scarf- Seeing as it is not that cold yet, this is all I need to keep warm. This scarf adds a nice touch of color to my outfits seeing as I only really wear neutral colors so it really just lightens my outfit up. 

3. The flirty fall dress- What doesn't say fall about this dress? It has all those beautiful fall colors incorporated and it is very form fitting. This can easily be paired up with some boots or even some flats. Definitely my go-to date night outfit for fall

4. Boots- I just got these not too long ago and I am in love! These are so comfortable and look so casual and perfect paired with some jeans and a flannel.

I would love to have a trench coat to add to my collection and a big over-sized sweater but all in due time I guess. 

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