Must-Knows For Car Buying

So I am going to let you guys in on a secret. I tried working in car sales for quite some time a year or so back. It was by far the sleaziest, most exhausting, terrible job I have ever had in one of the dealerships with the worst reputation. I was working 60 hours a week, sometimes with no day off. Needless to say I got outta there fast once the time came. I decided to save you guys some heartbreak, I would make a list of things to do and to watch out for when buying a new car.
(also I would like to note, not every car sales consultant is trying to play games, some of them are truly nice people and out to help you.)

1. Do your research- research different makes and models and different dealers in your area. Don't get stuck on a certain model of car just because you like the way it looks.

2. If you have a trade-in, get an online appraisal- Go on websites like Edmunds.com or kelly bluebook and see what cars like yours are going for on average. Keep in mind that this is not set in stone and don't be upset if this isn't the exact price you get, they do not have to put their money where their mouth is, this is to give you a general idea.

3. Also get a quote on the new car- Websites like truecar.com offer you the average price that particular car is going for in your area and most dealerships will honor this price if you bring a print out of the quote. But a word of advice, see what they are offering before you hand it to them or even mention it, in rare cases they might give you a better deal.

4. Shop around- Once you have decided on a car, do not restrict yourself to one dealership. Go to a few in your area, get a write-up of the price of the car and take it with you! By doing this you can haggle the price down even lower, most dealerships do not want to lose you to another dealership.

5. There is no "end of the month sale"- The emails you may receive from the dealer saying there is a special end of the month sale is bullshit. This is them trying to drive in traffic to meet or exceed their sales quota. 

6. Do not get bullied into a sale- Just because you are intimidated does not mean you should back down, give up and give in. That is what they are attempting. That is their sole goal. 

7. Do not skip the test drive- So the car is perfect in every way, you don't need to test drive it right? no, not right, the test drive is essential to get a real feel for the car, it is the make or break factor.

8. Look out for hidden fees- The price they give you may have a lot more involved than the actual car price. Look for any add-ons, stuff like pinstripes, certain radio packages and dealer fees may be involved.

9. Don't get stuck on monthly payments- The salesperson will try to concentrate on the monthly price, matter of fact it is the only thing they are going to concentrate on to try to divert your attention from said hidden fees or even the total price of the car. You may hear that you have a $250 monthly payment but for how long will you be paying that amount? These are all things to look at before you sign anything.

Also watch out for this:

1. If you have been looking for a car and have been calling all the dealerships to see if they have it, and then you hear someone does have it, don't necessarily believe them. They want you to come in and once you do they will say the car has been sold, they only have it in a different color, this list goes on and on. Bottom line they never had it but you still came in so in their eyes, they still have a chance.

2. Don't believe the calls you will receive saying "I will give you the best offer ever but only if you come in today" Again this is them trying to get you in again to see if they can bully you into buying a car.

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