It's A 10 Hair Mask Review

I would like to believe that my hair is healthy, I put a good amount of effort into caring for it. I have pretty much eliminated straightening, curling and using a blow dryer. My hair is naturally thin and straight so it is relatively easy to manage for the most part (other than the fact that it is so flat!) But even with such care, the ends to my hair take a day max to start looking frayed and dry. I think this may be due to the fact that the weather has been getting cooler and therefor my hair has been getting dryer. So I have been experimenting with some hair masks lately, both at diy and store bought.

Recently I found this gem for about 20 dollars at Target. Of course I did not wait to try it out and decided to hop in the shower as soon as I got home!

And let me tell ya!

First impression: As soon as I scooped this into my hand I noticed how pleasant it smelled. I am a huge fan of any smellgoods so this was a huge plus.
I lathered my ends with the product and instantly noticed how it began detangling immediately, I could run my fingers through my hair with no resistance which trust me, this does not happen often. 

After hopping out of the shower I dryed my hair and took these pictures:

Super shiny!

In this picture I should have probably brushed it a little because it looks like a mess! I also forgot to take the before pictures cause I am a doofus but trust me it looked a lot duller than this.

Final Thoughts: I would definitely recommend. Smells great, my hair was so soft, and now a day after continues to be very manageable and added shine continues!

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