Over the past few years  I have researched aromatherapy in an effort to relieve stress and anxiety, problems that I have been dealing with for quite some time. I am always constantly stressing about the most simple things simply because that is just who I am, I am an over-thinker. So naturally when I saw something like aromatherapy, that could potentially help me with both, I dove in and started experimenting.

Aromatherapy has little research to back it up quite frankly but there are studies out there that prove that smells can effect your mood and even your dreams. I read in the news awhile back that smelling sulfur like scents can actually make you more vulnerable for nightmares where as the smell of lavender can cause pleasant dreams.

So everything you need for aromatherapy you might already have, you can use:

  • diffusers
  • candles
  • essential oils
  • body products

Some examples of what scents to use:

Lavender- Probably the most popular of scents, lavender is uplifting, relaxing and can promote deep sleep in infants and adults alike.

Rosemary- Can help improve mental performance, stimulate the brain, and reduce cortisol levels.

Jasmine- Used to combat stress and anxiety.

Lemon/Citrus- Both associated with uplifting feelings, can be used to fight fatigue, increase mental clarity and work as an antidepressant.

Eucalyptus- Used to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Also works well with clearing up congestion!

Peppermint- There is a reason for the advice, if your feeling tired pop a peppermint in your mouth. Peppermint works as a great pick-me-up, to relieve mental fatigue, and to enhance memory and alertness.

Of course this is only scratching the surface.
There are always more scents to be discovered.

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