Quick Easy Ways To Feng Shui Your Home

So lately I have been getting into reading about feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient art developed by the Chinese over 3,000 years ago, basically the idea is to learn how to balance the energies to any given space in your home. Here I will write about a few easy ways you can create a good feng shui in your home!

But first things first, Clear the clutter. Clutter is known to cause stress and make your body feel uneasy!

So lets start:

Your Entryway- This particular space should be welcoming and first impressions are everything. 
  • You should be able to open your door all the way to invite in energy and prosperity into your home.
  •  Also try hanging some mirrors to make the space seem more open and inviting. (But do not hang a mirror in direct line with your doorway) 
  • Your front door should also be the biggest door in your whole house
  • Paint your walls a nice bright color to make the space more open.

Your Kitchen-  So this is where the magic happens, at least at my house.The kitchen is priority with feng shui since it provides your home with happiness (and not just because this is where all the food is!) 
  • You should paint your walls yellow to promote socialization but if yellow is too much for you then neutral shades work as well and according to feng shui these colors bring stability. 
  • Clutter-free is also essential for this can make the energy in your kitchen stagnant. 
  • Last but not least add some life to your kitchen with some plants, maybe a bamboo plant since these are known to attract positive energy and good fortune. I also have a list for some air-purifying plants to keep that air nice and clean! 

Your Bedroom- Where the real magic happens! Your bedroom should promote relaxation and romance. There is a few ways to ensure a good energy in your bedroom:
  • Don't store anything under your bed, Your energy needs to be able to flow under the bed as you sleep!
  • Don't place your bed in direct line of your door nor under a window.
  • Don't use bold colors if you can, bold colors are too loud and not soothing, aim for neutrals and soft colors.
  • You should have you bed be easily accessible from both sides with a bedside table on each side to promote balance.

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