Fall Essentials

So in case you missed it, the first official day of fall was yesterday! Finally the weather is going to start cooling down which means its time to shake the dust off those cute sweaters and get your boots out. Living in Florida previously I was ill prepared for the fall in Oregon! Don't get me wrong I have lived in relatively cold places throughout my life but for some odd reason I thought it would be a good idea to throw out all my warm clothes to make room for all the t-shirts and shorts I was buying. A few weeks back, I noticed that I only had two jeans not counting the ones I should have thrown out long ago with no zipper and the button missing!
Luckily I have an amazing soon to be mother-in-law who sent me a care package containing some awesome cold weather clothes and after a trip to old navy I came back with a good arsenal to get me through the colder months! 

Try #1 of getting a decent picture of the end product
There is a reason modeling was not my calling!
 Try #2

Ultimate Get Ready For Fall List
  • While you still have a chance, invest in a solid pair of jeans and a nice warm sweater to get you through those breezy cold days and even cooler nights!
  • Get that nice warm cup of joe from starbucks that we all know you've been craving for days
  • Go buy yourself some nice seasonal candles to make your home soothe you with the smell of fall, I'm talking pumpkin, apple cinnamon, nutmeg etc.
  • Boots, Boots, Boots. We have all been there, done that when it comes to having our toes go through the early stages of hypothermia due to lack of shoes. While your at it, do your toes a favor and grab a warm pair of socks.
  • Turn that thermostat off and save yourself the electricity! Open up the windows during the night (experts say the optimal sleeping temperature ranges from 60-68 degrees) let that fresh air in and your wallet will thank you when the bill comes around at the end of the month.
  •  Whip out those cookbooks and start cooking again! Nothing makes home feel more like home than cooking and baking. Start practicing those recipes for thanksgiving, get excited about that pancake recipe, be the next Martha Stewart! 
  • Bring/Buy some plants for the indoors. Great way to bring a little life inside your home when everything outside starts getting drab! There is also plenty of plants that act as natural air purifiers!
  • Remove extra summer-season clutter you have laying around. Put away the beach chairs, buckets and shovels and summer decor and enjoy a more clutter free home. Clutter can add unnecessary stress on you and make your home look uninviting.

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